Mummers parade and Mummy's Parade! | What is the difference between the Mummers parade and Mummy's Parade?

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Mummers parade and Mummy's Parade!

This year, Mummers Parade, the oldest folks festival was celebrated in Philadelphia on the New Years Day.  This parade went smoothly but for the musical 'act' put on by a group which was alleged to be gay bashing. Some people also called this parade offensive, because a group painted their faces brown to portray Mexicans.


One day before this Mummers Parade a Mummy's Parade was held in Chennai, India which is thousands of miles away from Philadelphia. It has not invited any controversy it rightfully deserves. On this event of Mummy's Parade, the organisers  has put up giant size flex banners from the Poes Garden, the official residence of the Chief Minister of the State (Tamil Nadu) J.Jayalalitha, who is commonly referred as AMMA (Meaning Mother or Mummy) by her cadres, to a place called Thiruvanmiyur the venue of the political party's convention.

These flex banners hindered the view of the motorists and pedestrians and  posed a great threat to the life of many passers-by. Even though there is no procession, the traffic was halted at many places through which the convoy of the AMMA was travelling.

It may be recalled that Chennai was worst hit by the recent floods which has claimed more than hundred lives and rendered  thousands homeless.

Volunteers belonging to some NGOs who tried to remove the obstructing banners to help the road users, were beaten up the party cadres in the broad day light and to the height of it the state police filed cases against the volunteers  who removed the flex banners.


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