O.PanneerSelvam Vs Edapadi Palanisamy... Power War in Tamil Nadu! | O PanneerSelvam Vs Edapadi Palanisamy: Power War in Tamil Nadu!

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O.PanneerSelvam Vs Edapadi Palanisamy... Power War in Tamil Nadu!


By Special Correspondent

We wrote yesterday that Dinakaran has hit the dead end and the late night developments in AIADMK booted out the Sasikala and Dinakaran family from the party. The minister and majority of MLAs and MPs decided to fall in line with the expectations of the party cadres and the wishes of the people of TN and announced to oust  Dinakaran from the party. They further said that no member of Dinakaran family will have any say in the party affairs and running of the government.

This came as a rude shock to the Dinakaran camp which has dwindled with only a couple of MLAs raising their voice in support of him. The CM and his group of Ministers also were ready to open up the communication with O Panneerselvam faction. It is to be noted that one of the main demands of OPS group that Sasikala and his family should be sacked from the AIADMK party was met by the CM faction. Dinakaran now being sidelined has claimed that he has the support of all MLAs and has called for a meeting of MLAs and District secretaries. But it is doubtful whether such a meeting itself can take place since only about six or seven MLAs are supporting him.In the meanwhile Sengottian the senior minister has categorically stated that no meeting of MLAs can take place in AIADMK headquarters.

With the formation of the third faction in AIADMK, the situation is very fluid as to who will ultimately retain the power to rule the state. If Dinakaran is able to muster another 10 to 15 MLAs the present govt headed by Palanisamy will fall unless OPS group comes to its rescue. Dinakaran has almost accepted the sacking and said that he is staying away from the party affairs. 

But there are indications that the CM group and OPS group are to work out a compromise formula to form a new govt and also reclaim the party symbol which was frozen by EC. There are widespread expectations that OPS will claim for the CM post and it is eagerly watched in the political circles as to how Edappadi Palanisamy will handle the situation. It was mainly due to the strength of the Kongu belt MLAs, Dinakaran was booted out from the party and it is to be seen how they will accept anyone from outside the region to capture power. BJP is watching the developments carefully and it is a known fact that the faction which will have the backing of the Centre will only be able to form a govt.


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