Ten Key Points to Consider Before Getting into Meditation Programs | Ten Key Points to Consider Before Getting into Meditation Programs

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Ten Key Points to Consider Before Getting into Meditation Programs



Identify what kind of a following you wish to associate or practise with; there is usually a tinge of religious inclination to any kind of meditation programs taught by a following. If at all one wishes to remain secular it is difficult to find one.

Try to understand what is the ultimate objective of the following that you have chosen to attach with. Each following has an agenda and established standard procedures that one should follow ‘religiously’!

Choose the best one that has very less founding in its so-called rituals and worships and claims of various psychic levels and attainments; that includes the Amalan Stanleygurudom too!

Find out what type of meditation a following is teaching. Try to focus more on the techniques of meditation rather than the institution or the following; most of the techniques being taught are time tested and therefore have proven results.

Be ready to follow the techniques strictly on a daily basis for a longer period and imbibe the practice on day to day life, as the short term benefits are only short lived.

Remain open to the principles, norms, philosophies and claims of a following that you choose to go with. Use them as tools rather than a belief system unless you are convinced to dip deep into it.

Remain bold to experiment with various meditation techniques. Best meditation techniques have a lot more do with our mind and its tendencies. It has the true capacity to transform a person, if only one intends to.

Be ready to take difficult techniques into practice; a proven technique is like a 500cc bike. It’s not appropriate to use it in the market place; rather it should be used in the highways to enjoy its true benefits.

Investigate and find out the best teacher. There are simple breath techniques which will prove immediate usefulness. But tough ones take you a long way for which you need a well trained and experienced teacher.

If you have any high hopes on the technique or a teacher, please drop it. It all depends purely on your commitment to it and what you want to have from it.

-Amalan Stanley

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