Indigenous Tooth Paste – Ayurvedic Preparation | Indigenous Tooth Paste – Ayurvedic Preparation

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Indigenous Tooth Paste – Ayurvedic Preparation

With the help of Ayurvedic science, we can prepare tooth paste indigenously devoid of any adverse chemical effect and other possible side effects. Proper brushing of teeth is bound to ensure healthy mouth and freedom from any kind of tooth decay and gum related problems including mouth odour. At the same time, improper teeth brushing would be the threshold for all kinds of health ailments.

Tooth paste

When it comes to daily brushing, we were earlier using a neem stick as three-in-one for i) brushing our teeth and gum as paste, ii) as tooth brush and iii) as tongue cleaner. However, this practice is no longer available even in rural areas where varieties of colourful tooth pastes are abundantly in use.

Neem stick

On the other hand, the advertisements of different tooth pastes are highly misleading the laymen. One brand is asking whether your paste contains salt and the other one queries whether your paste is made of neem and athimadhuram. Adults and teenagers are mostly going by these manipulative advertisements from time to time. At the same time, our country is largely exporting neem tree sticks and athimadhuram to other countries. In effect, we have been ignoring our past traditions and practices whereas the foreigners are appreciating the significance of these natural products. In addition to this, many people become prone to a number of dental problems, like cavities, tooth decay, lack of sensitivity, gingivitis, bad breath etc.

Ayurveda Preparation:Dr. R. Balamurugan

Ayurveda Dr.R.Balamurugan explains the methodology to prepare the homely paste which will have neither side effect nor any chemical reaction. Dr. Balamurugan says that Ayurvedam is basically a life science which gives us a number of do’s and don’ts to be followed in our daily life. It gives utmost importance to the practice of brushing our teeth in the morning. Ayurvedam terms the brushing of teeth as ‘dhandha dhavanam’ wherein ‘dhandham’ refers to teeth and ‘dhavanam’ means cleansing act. We are advised to brush twice a day which is known as ‘dhina aramba bhojanandham’.

Paste is for gum and not for teeth:

The sticks of Arasa maram, Vengai maram, Karuvela maram, Pungai maram, Vepa maram, Manjanathi, Nayuruvi can be used as tooth brush to brush the gum and not the teeth. Ayurvedam strictly advocates brushing the gum and not the teeth. It says we must brush twice a day and necessarily gargle every time after we eat any food.

Ayurveda Tooth Paste:-

Dr. Balamurugan confirms that the process is very simple. He mentions that the combination of Thiriphala, Thirikadugam and Thirijadhagam is the most ideal one for using it as a tooth paste as it contains a considerable amount of medicinal values. The sub-classification by-products of these are as under:-

Thiriphala contains Kadukkai, Nellikkai and Thandrikkai;

Thirikadugam contains dried Ginger, Pepper and Thippili

Thirijadhagam contains Cinnamon, Lavanga Pathiri and Cardamom

All the above nine ingredients should be taken in equal measure and powdered. We can add honey for a still sweetened taste and use as it as a paste.



Thiriphala cures scurvy disease in the gum by stopping the bleeding in the gum

Thirikadugam enables secretion of lot of saliva in the mouth. It will strengthen and stimulate the cheeks

Thirijadhagam removes bad breath and gives good smell

Honey cures mouth and gum ulcers as a supplementary

The same indigenous paste is also available in naturopathy shops in the name of ‘kadukkaithol’ or ‘thandrikkaithol’.


To conclude, we are impelled to draw an inspiration from an adage, “A bird in hand is worth having two in the bush”. Likewise, the most potential ayurvedic remedy is right under our feet but whereas we tend to go after the more attractive and costlier products thus neglecting the values of natural products.

(This article written in Tamil By G Lakshmanan has been reproduced in English by P S Ramamurthy)

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