Ulcer Vulnerability – Do’s & Don’t | Ulcer Vulnerability – Do’s & Don't

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Ulcer Vulnerability – Do’s & Don’t

The ulcer has almost become an inevitable evil, especially for the younger generation. A majority of the working people openly say that they don’t have time for their food – be it breakfast or lunch or dinner. Another section of people deliberately skips their breakfast and rush for their jobs. However, hardly can they escape from ulcer attack later!


What is ulcer:-

Ulcer is nothing but sores developed in the lining of the stomach, food pipe, intestine including on the inner walls of the small intestine. The ulcers found in the stomach walls are known as a gastric ulcer. The sores developed in the food pipe are known as esophageal ulcer and the ulcer found on the front side of the small intestine is called duodenal ulcer.

What are the reasons?

Bacterial infection (Helicobacter pylori)

Mental depression

Excessive worries

Faulty food habits


Increased coffee intake

Masala based and too much of sour snacks and foods to the extent of causing burning sensation


Foods that must be averted:-

Coffee must be avoided because the caffeine in coffee will increase the acidity which will cause sours in the stomach. Caffeine-rich coffee, tea, chocolate and ice-cream should be ideally avoided.

* Very sour and masala mixed products should be avoided because this will create esophagus reflex and severe stomach ache. To be on the safe side, one should avoid pepper and chili powder from their daily menu.

* Some people will recommend milk to cure the stomach ulcer. This is a wrong notion as it will trigger the acidity state. Moreover, the excess fat present in the milk will delay the curing process.

* Soda and other cool drinks are to be stopped forthwith as the citric acid available in these will increase the acidity in the stomach and will also cause indigestion. People who have the habit of drinking liquor should also stop alcohol as it will cause swelling with sores in the small intestine.

* Red meat should be removed from the food because it contains too much of protein and fat which will prolong the digestion process. Additionally, it will intensify the severity of the disease.

cool drinks

Foods to be taken compulsorily:-

* Fibre-rich vegetables and fruits will facilitate easy digestion. 2 cups of fibre-rich food will ensure that the stomach is free from an ulcer.

* The curd is good in as much as the good bacterias in curd will arrest the growth of bad bacterias in the body and hence curd should be taken thrice a week.

* Glutamine in cabbage will fight against the stomach ulcer and hence cabbage should be taken as frequently as possible.

* Fresh grape juice can be taken thrice a week since it is a valuable fruit.

* White pumpkin flesh part must be scrapped and added with cardamom and palm jaggery for consumption in empty stomach for 48 days. This will increase the possibility of relief against stomach ulcers.

* In general, Podhina juice, paste or pudhina rice can be taken from time to time.

mint juice

* Similarly, one should take a tumbler of coconut milk thrice a week and one big slice coconut raw so that it will cure the stomach ulcer.

* Manathakkali keerai (sunberry or wonder cherry-botanical name-Solanum nigrum)soup,keerai and kootu can be consumed regularly.

* Green dal can be added with keerai to prepare keerai kootu for direct consumption at least one cup daily.

* Among the vegetables, radish, snake gourd, white pumpkin, water melon, cucumber, nungu (palmyra fruit/tender kernel), tender coconut etc. can be taken liberally because they contain water content in abundance.

It is imperative to understand that ulcer should never be ignored; if done either knowingly or unknowingly, it would result in cancer.


(This article originally written in Tamil by K Sindhoori has been reproduced in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)

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