Gujarat Elections 2017: State Government Meets Patel Groups | Gujarat Elections 2017: State Government Meets Patel Groups

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Gujarat Elections 2017: State Government Meets Patel Groups

In a massive development in the state of Gujarat, the state government called all Patel organisations including that of Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) leader Hardik Patel to renegotiate the reservation issue. This meeting comes merely a day after PAAS leader Hardik Patel took to Twitter and welcomed Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi. Patel wrote in a tweet, which roughly translates into, ‘Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is welcomed to the state of Gujarat.’ Rahul Gandhi kickstarted the party’s campaign in Gujarat on Monday.

According to sources, the meeting took place in Swarnim Sankul 2 in the state and was convened by Deputy CM Nitin Patel. MLA Nalin Kotadiya and MLA Jeetu Vaghani were present along with Hardik Patel and six other main religious bodies, sources add.
Following the meeting between Patidar community and leaders in Gandhinagar, the PAAS members created ruckus at Nitin Patel’s press conference by shouting slogans and throwing chairs. Few PAAS members also walked out of the meeting.

Deputy CM Nitin Patel said that the creation of the reservation committee by the Gujarat government will benefit all. He added, all cases against them from the agitation of 2015 will be taken back and the family members of the deceased will be given a government job.
Meanwhile, PAAS leader Hardik Patel said that through the meeting they have sent their message to the government. He said that the youth who were killed have to be honoured.

‘We will respect the government, only if our demands are fulfilled. Otherwise we will continue our fight for reservation. Tomorrow the government will announce in the Cabinet meeting  about the reservation.’

Earlier on Tuesday, Rahul Gandhi, invoked Sardar Patel's legacy during his campaign in Patidar dominated areas of the state. On his arrival at Dhrol town en route to Rajkot, Rahul also wore the signature 'Patidar cap', with the slogan "Jai Sardar-Jai Patidar" on it, given to him members of PAAS.

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