Majority's voice is foundation of Democracy. To preserve Democracy from fading out, the system has to hear to Majority people's voice. Accept their views. In this regard, it is highly uncertain if people have accepted this New Government.

Tamilnadu people didn't vote for a Government that nods to Sasikala nor her Family's orders'...Even Lord Shiva knows people of 135 constituency didn't vote for Edappadi Palanisamy. 1.5 crore votes casted for ADMK were completely for one Supreme Leader, Jayalalithaa. Jaya is no more now. Sasikala who tried to Chair the Government is now making candles in Parappana Agrahara. Dinakaran is now commanding the Party. It is very obvious that apart from general public, even ADMK cadres themselves are not having a good opinion with it.

Ok... So what can we do now...? Can we call this fate and walk away... Or voice out against Adharma...? If we walk past all these, it would be our kids who are going to suffer. Adharma is happening right before our eyes. Let's at least pinpoint it. Let's voice against it. 

If you believe, this is not what majority people wanted... The Legislature could have favoured them. But if you feel the Government has failed in gaining peoples trust.... Sign this Petition.

Gandhi says "Exhibit the Injustice". Yes let's raise our voice!

Do You need this ADMK led Government...? - Sign The Petition



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