AIADMK Rival factions ready for merger!

AIADMK Rival factions ready for merger!
AIADMK Rival factions ready for merger!

AIADMK which got split into two factions after the demise of Jayalalithaa is facing heavy revolt among senior ministers and cadres. Sasikala wanted to bring the party and ruling of the state under her control and forced O Panneerselvam to resign as CM and made the MLAS elect her as Legislature party leader to become the CM. But the much awaited verdict in the Disproportionate case was delivered by Supreme Court and Sasikala and accomplices were convicted and had to undergo imprisonment for 4 years. Sasikala before proceeding to jail made TTV Dinakaran her sister's son as the Deputy Gen secretary of the party and Edapaddi Palanisamy long time loyalist of Sasikala was made the CM.

But the by elections to the RK Nagar constituency landed the party in further troubles with the AIADMK symbol Two leaves freezed by the Election commission. As the factions geared to fight the elections on different symbols, due to heavy distribution of cash to voters, the EC suspended the elections. IT dept carried raids on Vijayabaskar , Health Minister and sufficient documents and cash were seized which paved the way for suspension of election. The IT dept has also filed cases against 3 syate ministers for preventing them carrying their duties at the time of raid and this has landed the ministers in deep trouble.

As the party and the state administration is coming under severe criticism of being corruptive and inefficient , there were widespread rumours that the CM is under pressure to drop tainted ministers.

In a sudden turn of events, senoir ministers from the Kongu belt have met secretely with the approval of the CM who is also from the same region and all options before the pary were discussed to save the party from further embarassment and even extinction.One of the options discussed was to sideline the entire Sasikala family members in the party and merge both the factions, to enable them to regain the party symbol two leaves.This was also the wish of majority of the cadres within the party. Sources say that some of the senior ministers initiated dialogue with the Panneerselvam faction . In between important ministers and functionaries met TTV Dinakaran together with the Loksabha Deputy speaker Thami Durai and insisted that Vijayabaskar is dismissed immediately which was refused by Dinakaran.

Then it was decided that to save the party , Panneerselvam is very much required and informal discussions started taking place between senior leaders and it is learnt that a senior minister from the Kongu region opened up the merger proposal directly with O Panneerselvam. The proposal was to first a couple of ministers moving over to OPS camp with about 10 MLAs and subsequently, the remaining majority of Ministers and MLAs will switch over and who will lead the party and the state can be decided later. OPS camp has shown interest and things are likely to move faster with Sasikala and Dinakaran group completely getting isolated in the whole realignment of forces.

This morning in a fresh twist one Sukesh Chander who is a intermediary was arrested by Delhi Police in connection with bribery charges promising Dinakaran to get him the Two leaves symbol. It is learnt that OPS camp was aware of all moves of Dinakaran's strategy thro brokers to retrieve the original AIADMK symbol and Mafoi Pandiarajan has played a key role in this mission. Though Dinakaran says he doesnot know who is Sukesh Chander, the Delhi police has filed a FIR against Dinakaran based on the confessions of the arrested Sukesh Chandra and he is likely to be enquired tomorrow as the Delhi police is coming to Chennai.

BJP which claims that all that is happening in the AIADMK is their internal matter, at the same time is against Sasikala group holding the fort both in the party and the state rule. BJP likes the AIADMK party power to be in the hands of OPS who it is said is more open in alighning with BJP.

It is going to be a week full of surprises and who knows, DMK may jump into the fray with more twists and turns.