#ChennaiRains2017: Jump Out & Help the needy ! | Jai Ki Baat | Rain Atrocities

After devastating Chennai floods 2015, now Monsoon rain for this year got dense and lashed all over Chennai and coastal parts of Tamilnadu. Many volunteers, especially the youngsters from many parts joined together and get into rescue action and helped many peoples who were suffering during the floods and heavy rains, they provided foods and other essential things for them. Chennai rain is not only the reason for the flood, its all because of breakage of rivers and ponds which created the massive impact the turned many homeless and lost their house hold products in the floods. Chennai rains 2017 is like same amount of rainfall poured all these days. Government officials and politicians come to the spot after all things are done and just register their visit. We need to get into action and help the people who are in need of some help when they got struck in floods or heavy rains. We should not depend fully on the government as well. Just get out of the place and starting volunteering. V