Financier Anbuchezhian - The Don of Tamil Cinema ? | Jai Ki Baat | Usury Interest

Ashok Kumar, producer and relative of Sasikumar faces his death by attempting suicide and wrote a two page letter stating that film financier Anbuchezhian is reason behind his death. This matter turned as a controversial issue. Film celebrities says he not so rude in getting money back from the producers and he helped many people in the cinema field. Director Rajakumaran takes a sudden about turn and tells Anbuchezhianhelped him in his tough times. Really who is this Anbuchezhian ? How did he enter into this field ?. Suicide on not paying debt is going high, a few days earlier Esakimuthu and family from Tirunelveli self immolated in front of the collector offer that had become another controversial issue. G.V brother of Director Maniratnam also suicides on 2003, bu that time also Anbuchezhian name was into it. As Ashok and Anbuchezhian belongs to cinema field many are talking about them..but about others? What will be the permanent solution for uprooting this usury interest problems t