R.K Nagar Roundup: Will u put vote for me ? | Jai Ki Baat

EC announced R.K Nagar election to be held on 21 st of December. Now, R.K Nagar is turned as festive land as Contestants began their campaign. Jayachandran turned as a contestant and asks vote from the residents of R.K Nagar and see how they respond to him and also people tells the problems faced by them like drinking water mixing with drainage water, bad condition of roads and other things. Stil the candidates are offering money for votes? More interesting and questions and answers from the R.K Nagar residents. Jai Ki baat is a entertainment show from Vikatan and its hosted by Jeyachandran Credits Host - Jayachandran | Camera - Kathick.B | Edit - Saravanan | SFX - Santhosh Subscribe: R.K Nagar Elections 2017: Voice of Common Man: