Rajini Makkal Mandram: Fan's want a proper system !

Rajinikanth confirmed his political entry on Dec'31 2017. Now Rajini Rasigar Mandram had changed into Rajini Makkal Mandram. Adding the members to the party is going in serious way and many joins in the party. The joining form also reached the govt. offices, many govt. officers show their interest in joining Rajini's party. Like a political parties Rajinikanth also appointed Distric secretary, Youth team, Ladies team, Farmers team, Fisherman team and Advocate team in each and every district but with his know Rasigar mandram head Sudhakar appoints the people without analyzing properly. AS Rajini said system should be fixed in Tamilnadu, his fans request to fix up his political party first for a proper communication. Watch this full video to know more. CREDITS Host & Script - N.Chibichakaravarthy | Camera - Dinakaran | Edit - Saravana Subscribe : JV Breaks: Jai Ki Baat: