Tamil guy fires question against Srilankan army officer in England ! | Viral Video

விகடன் விமர்சனக்குழு

Few days before in England Srilankan army officer threatened tamilians who were protesting in front of the embassy. Srilankan govt dismissed him but they made him to re-joined again. Priyankara Fernando comes in a casual dress, by that time a tamil guy fired questions against him by asking why do Srilankan army is shooting tamil fisherman's and few other questions. In return he to him at last he had sarcastic smile and went off. Watch this full video to know more. CREDITS Host - Varavani Senthil | Script - Varavanai Senthil | Camera - Karthick B | Edit - Senthil Kumar Subscribe : JV Breaks: Jai Ki Baat: