Mission 2019: BJP Vs Congress ! | Sonia Gandhi Secret Plan

Recently Sonia Gandhi invited all party like communist, Marxist, DMK and other party leaders to her home for a tea party. The reason behind the party is to keep the alliance with other parties to defeat BJP and to conquer the post of prime minister. On the other hand BJP is growing stronger and winning in many states. Recently they won in Tiripura, meghalaya too. Its like to start a 3 new party as well. The war has began who will the next prime minister candidate and who is going to win in this war ? We need to wait and watch to know what is going to happen next. CREDITS Host - Se.Tha Elangovan | Script - Se.tha Elangovan, Augustus | Camera - Hariharan | Edit - Dinesh Subscribe : JV Breaks: Jai Ki Baat: