Ground Zero : Cauvery, a river in pain | Detailed Report

Mukkombu shutters collapse : In this video Se.Tha.Elangovan released complete report on present situation of Cauvery delta in Tamil Nadu. Delta is the final part of the river wherein many streams join depositing huge sediments(finite increment) before entering the ocean. The Delta region covers Central Tamil Nadu and East-Central Tamil Nadu. The region is sandwiched between the historical regions of Tondai Nadu in the north, the Madurai region in the south and Kongunadu in the west and roughly extends from Chidambaram in north to the southern frontier of the erstwhile Pudukkottai kingdom and from Tiruchirapalli in the west to the Bay of Bengal in the east. With a sudden increase in the Kollidam River (Trichy), 8 shutters of Mukkombu dam were washed away. However, officials said that the neighboring areas weren’t in immediate danger. Elangovan details Mukkombu dam constructed in 1836, with 45 shutters to regulate water flow out of which nine have been damaged now. Elangovan find s