Operation 'Clean Tamil Nadu' by Trimurthis ! | Operation Clean Tamil Nadu by Trimurthis !

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Operation 'Clean Tamil Nadu' by Trimurthis !


"It is easy to fish in troubled waters" is a popular saying and it goes without saying that this fits very well for the current political situation in TN .

Sasikala who became Gen Secretary of AIADMK after Jaya's demise was convicted in a disproportionate case and she made her nephew Dinakaran as Deputy Gen Sec before going to jail.

But Dinakaran who aspired to capture power is now behind bars in a case relating to bribe EC officials . The former CM OPS revolted against Sasikala and the party split and lost the symbol .

OPS with only a handful of MLAs was able to give maximum trouble for Dinakaran and issue boomeranged into a ego tussle. 

The political pundits are of the view that Delhi power will not stop with the arrest of Dinakaran but is preparing to unleash further trouble for the AIADMK politicians. According to a BJP politician who does not want to reveal his name spoke to us in length and he said that it was not the intention of central govt to trouble TN govt .
But the intelligence gathered by the central govt on the functioning of TN govt for the last one year showed that there was blatant abuse of power by the Ministers and officials .


This led to the raids on former Chief Secretary Ramamohan rao that too at his office in the Secretariat. He further shared that even when Jaya was alive the central govt was monitoring the state administration very closely.

To cite an example Natham Viswanathan , Saidai Duraisamy and some officials were raided when Jaya was in power. He went on to say that the centre became more furious after Jaya's death and the various controversies that were floated about her death.

It seems BJP gave enough indications to Sasikala group through Venkaiah Naidu on the day of cremation and Sasikala family was asked to stay away from the party and govt .

But Sasikala never bothered about all these and moved ahead in establishing herself as the supreme power in the party and government against the wishes of the power at the centre.

The party invited further trouble after Dinakaran was made Deputy Gen Sec even though his aunt Sasikala was convicted and imprisoned in corruption scandal.

The centre did not like corrupt family heading a party in power and decided to keep a watch on the ministers. It got intelligence reports and was also soliciting opinions on the happenings in TN from a frienly journalist.

This was followed by raids on Minister Vijayabaskar and suspension of RK Nagar by election.

He said that the centre also received information that Dinakaran was behind the protests by TN Agriculturists in capital Delhi. With a new technique everyday their protests attracted national attention and was causing huge embarrasemnt to BJP govt at the centre.


But the scandal to bribe EC officials by Dinakaran came as a blessing in disguise for centre to put him behind bars.BJP has to a certain extent has achieved what it wanted and the domination of Sasikala family has almost diminshed in AIADMK.

Modi was very much concerned about the welfare of TN and all legal actions by centre need not be seen as bullying acts of BJP as alleged by opposition parties.

In the last budget two third of revenue was spent for freebies. The centre beleives that the money should not be thrownaway on freebies which are unproductive.

Modi has even shared his thoughts to Jayalaithaa about this . The budget allocation for freebies could have been used to solve the problems faced by the agriculturists . He summed up saying that the centre on the whole is averse to freebies which it feels will not improve the growth of the state.


It is now clear that Modi wants a strong and able leader for the ruling party in TN. He expected somebody would emerge after Jaya's death but was shocked to see Sasikala trying to gain power.

Beyond party politics, Modi and Jaya were good friends and had a good rapport. This is why he took Operation Clean Taminadu and gave the task to Jaitley, Venkiah Naidu and a TN Journalist . This group is spearheading the operations as expected by their master Modi.

( This article written by S.Kirubhakaran originally appeared in Tamil in vikatan dotcom on 27 April ,2017) 

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