Natural medicines that keep diabetes at bay!

Natural medicines that keep diabetes at bay!
Natural medicines that keep diabetes at bay!

Natural medicines that keep diabetes at bay!

Siddha medical practitioner Dr.Arjunan opines that the drastic changes that majority of people have brought in, in respect of life style and diet routines, have resulted in less physical exercises, excess body weight and mental depression as a result of which the incidence of diabetes has sizeably increased. To avoid such adverse consequences and to keep the sugar level under control, we need to bring about a few changes in our daily routines, as suggested by Dr.Arjunan as under:-

Basil leaves:-

Tulasi leaves are simple and valuable. A few leaves can be swallowed in empty stomach in the morning to keep the sugar level under control.

Flax seeds:-

1 table teaspoon flax seed powder in warm water should be taken in empty stomach. This will control the sugar level in our body.

Chinnamon stick:-

½ teaspoon chinnamon stick powder can be taken along with our food to have effective control of sugar in our body. This will reduce the possibility of heart attack also.

Green tea:-

Similarly, green tea will also control the sugar level. The polyphenol element which is present in green tea does the wonder. A cup of tea before meal on a daily basis will help us a lot.

Murungai keerai:-

The essence of murungai keerai can be taken daily in empty stomach. This will help us keep the sugar level in our blood comfortably.

Bitter gourd:-

Diabetic patients are expected to ideally take bitter gourd twice a week as part of their food. For still faster relief, one can take the juice once in 3 days in empty stomach.

Neem leaves:-

Tender neem leaves can be powdered and juice can be extracted for oral consumption in empty stomach every day. This will also positively control the sugar level.

Black Plum fruits:-

We can take 5 or 6 raw black plum fruits daily in the morning for the desired result. Since black plum fruit will not be available in all seasons, we can take out the seeds, dry and powder them for preservation. We can take a teaspoon of this powder in warm water daily to keep the sugar level under control.

Amla Fruit:-

Amla and curry leaves juice will also serve the same purpose. 2 amla fruits, neatly cut, 3 curry leaf stripes, ½ lime juice should be mixed and filtered. It can be mixed with 1 table teaspoon honey and eaten. We can see the result in a month. Similarly, amla fruit and bitter gourd( twice the size of amala) can be mixed and the extracted juice can be taken in empty stomach every morning to keep the sugar under control.

Triphala choornam:-

Amla vattral,kadukkai skin and tandrikai skin form the triphala choornam. Beginning stage diabetic patients as well as hereditary patients are advised to take 3 gms. triphala choornam with hot water both in the morning and evening.


Avaram flower 200 gm

Dried ginger 1 small piece

Cardamum 3 nos.

Dried vallarai(centella asiatica) leaves 200 gm

Sombu (Fennel)2 teaspoons

The above ingredients should be powdered and heated in water until it becomes half the quantity. This must be mixed with necessary quantity of brown sugar(palm candy) and taken every day. This will also keep the sugar level under control

The above substance does not have any side effect and hence those who do not have sugar problem can also take this for good.

Thus there are plenty of home remedies suitable for diabetic patients. In order to do away with this killer disease, we need to change our living and eating style a bit.

(This article written in Tamil by Udaya Sankar has been reproduced in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)

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