Turn towards Nature at least during pregnancy...Earnest appeal from a Doctor

Turn towards Nature at least during pregnancy...Earnest appeal from a Doctor
Turn towards Nature at least during pregnancy...Earnest appeal from a Doctor

Time has changed when a girl witnessing the stopping of menstrual cycle first time after marriage shyly expresses to her husband that he would become a father soon. A research finding informs that most of the women do not enjoy the happiness of being pregnant because of the fear of signs and symptoms of pregnancy. It’s a pity that they tend to desperately seek medicines to avert the signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

Medicines for everything

The symptoms of nausea, vomiting, giddiness and indigestion during pregnancy were once dealt effectively with the natural medicines like using cumin seeds, oregano and fruits. The problem now is becoming addicted to medicines to treat those symptoms, avoiding natural medicines. Pregnancy time is not an exception for us to take medicines as we are used to medicines for every type of health conditions all through our life.

Not a disease but a blessing

There are many natural cures available to deal with the symptoms of pregnancy. Even twenty years ago there were no circumstances that necessitated treating the symptoms with medicines during pregnancy. They are not symptoms of any disease. The problem started only when the modern society considered the symptoms of pregnancy as a state of disease. One can easily come through the pregnancy period without the help of any drugs.

Celebrating nausea and vomiting

Even now there are many mothers and mother in laws living with us who celebrate the symptoms of nausea and vomiting of their newly wedded wards due to pregnancy. At the same time there are mothers who approach doctors to treat vomiting due to pregnancy of their daughters. Actually vomiting is a healthy sign that is caused due to hormonal changes in the body of a pregnant woman. If there is a condition of Hyperemesis gravidarum, an excessive vomiting on pregnancy, then one can approach a doctor for treatment. But there are people who tend to get medicines over the counter from the local pharmacy mentioning the symptoms of nausea and vomiting. One should not practice self medication which will affect the growth of fetus. Siddha medicines like Pomegranate manappagu and Eladhi tablets can be consumed to stop excessive vomiting during pregnancy. They are good at providing adequate energy and strength other than stopping vomiting and cure indigestion and regurgitation, respectively.

Drug needed against fever?

At any cost, the pregnant woman having fever should not be given antipyretics and antibiotics that are stocked at home. By way of habit one should not try to treat pregnant women with those drugs. It is better for the pregnant woman to avoid chances of getting fever and sick. Self medication should be totally avoided during pregnancy. Most of you would have observed a warning note on most of the synthetic drugs as ‘contraindicated in pregnancy’. If there is fever it is better to reach a doctor for consultation. There could be a chance to have it cured without drugs too. From children to adults, there prevails a tendency to go immediately for antipyretics when there is fever, during the past twenty years.


During pregnancy it is recommended to have balanced diets having rich protein, carbohydrates and required amount of fat in equal proportion. Fruits can help during the time of feeling weary. It will help you relieve from being tired and at the same time providing nutrients to the growing fetus. Dates, pomegranate and fig will help enhance blood cells. Banana can prevent constipation and at the same time provides more folic acid. Leafy vegetables can provide lot of minerals facilitating better growth and also help preventing constipation of the mother. Siddha formulations such as Amla lehyam and curry leaf powder will provide immunity and at the same time increase red blood cells.

Seasonal foods

Pregnant women may have to face almost all types of weather changes, during the ten month of gestation period. They need to adapt their course of pregnancy with the seasonal changes during summer, winter and rain. They need to make changes to adapt with specific seasons. To balance the liquid loss during summer they should consume more fruit juices. But at any cost they should not consume synthetic bottled drinks. And during winter it is better to have more vegetable soups and consume boiled and cooled water during rainy seasons.

It is better not to take drugs to treat pregnancy related pains in hands, legs and hip. Siddha formulations such as Ulundu thailam, Pindathailam and Kundirigathailam can be slightly warmed and applied gently on the places of pain. Applying oil on the lower abdomen will help relax the muscles of the area. The medicines mentioned above will be freely available at the Siddha Sections of Government hospitals and Primary Health Centers.

Once confirmed, relax and enjoy the pregnancy period. Unlike what the drug mafia propagates pregnancy period is not a state of ill health. The physiological changes in the body due to pregnancy get expressed as signs and symptoms. That’s all. One should be able to understand this fact and enjoy the period with the support and warmth of the close ones in the family so that it becomes the phase of utmost happiness.

The gradually growing fetus, the movements of the growing baby and its impact reflecting on the muscles of mother’s tummy, the priceless motherhood, the excitement of becoming a father, all these aspects should be happily experienced by the to-be fathers and mothers, without any other diversion of thoughts. That is what pregnancy and its outcome truly means.

(This article written Tamil by Dr V Vikaram Kumar MD(S) has been reproduced in English by V Amalan Stanley)