Kana Vaazhai plant (Calf grass) helps in virile family life

Kana Vaazhai plant (Calf grass) helps in virile family life
Kana Vaazhai plant (Calf grass) helps in virile family life

The botanical name of Ghana plant is Commelina benghalensis. It is called as Bengal Dayflower also. It has many other names like Kana vaazhai, Kaanan kozhi keerai and Kaanam vaazhai. Having its origin from Asia and Africa it came to exist in India through China, Taiwan, Jamaica, America, California and Pakistan. After a very long journey, this herb thrives freely in Tamil Nadu. It grows well in wetlands, coastal areas and parks. It is considered as a weed and its leaves are egg-shaped with blue flowers.

It is not an exaggeration if the plant is considered to be a miraculous herb. Its value can be felt more by those who experienced its medicinal values than those who heard of it. The active ingredient in it can heal the wound killing the germs on it. It is well known by the tribes and Tamil communities. Its stem has carbohydrates and mucilage. As it is rich in protein it is most preferred by grazing animals. It is particularly liked by calves and hence the name Calf grass. This plant is given aplenty to calves to wean from their mother’s milk and eventually gain more milk.

The whole plant can be ground and applied on the breast if there are lumps, irritation, pain, inflammation and sore found on it. It is one of the best plants to cure edema with inflammation and pain in legs and paralytic disease. Clinicians from the West use the plants to extract out fluid accumulation in the body and also to heal internal bleeding.

It helps to enhance sexual desire and intent during intercourse. In a glass of water, a full plant is to be boiled with the flowers of Thoodhuvalai and Moringa for a few minutes. After that, add hot milk and palm sugar candy to it and the same can be drunk. If males continue to drink it for forty days, they can gain strength, leading to gain fertility. If the plant leaves along with areca nut are consumed it will enhance sexual pleasure. The similar effect can be had from mixing the leaf extract with poppy seeds soaked and ground with honey and consumed.

Along with the plant, add Moringa flower and tur dhal and prepare a mixed dish by adding ghee to it. If it is consumed continuously for 21 days it will enhance the physical vigor leading to heightened sexual pleasure. Similarly, to the plant leaves, add coconut inflorescence, areca nut and Moringa gum, each 100 g, grind them together and consume the powder 1 g in the morning and evening. It will increase the sexual vigor of the male. Above all, it is a miraculous herb that envigors one’s body.

It can miraculously cure fever. It purifies blood and acts as a good diuretic. It helps remove excess salt in the body functioning like a scavenger. It strengthens kidneys, spleen, liver, lungs and stomach and also cures their defects. It cures the urinary infection and helps in removing phlegm from the respiratory organs.

Its leaves can be extracted directly or boiled with water and if the same is gargled the germs of the oral cavity can be removed. It also helps in curing throat infection, irrigation, voice-related infective problems. Fever and severe body pain can be cured by drinking the water boiled with the leaves along with 10 pepper seeds, plam jaggary and salt. About 20 ml of its leaf extract can be drunk directly or leaves boiled with water can heal stomach ulcers. It can also heal bleeding piles. It can also cure sexually transmitted diseases as well.

Its leaves can be ground along with turmeric powder and the paste can be applied on bed sores and chronically non-healing sores. Otherwise, the leaf powder can be spread on the wounds directly. The leaves can be crushed and the extract can be mixed with turmeric powder and applied on the acne, which can burst eventually and get healed. The same can be consumed to protect from cancer and lymph node inflammation.

To its leaves add Keezhanelli (Phyllanthus) in equal proportion and grind the same finely and mix the same with unfermented curd, thrice daily will cure white discharge among women. Excess menstrual bleeding can be controlled and cured by consuming the mix of full plant extract, along with the bark of Asoka tree, Arugampull (Cynodon), in equal proportion, consumed thrice daily, with a size of amla.

(This article written in Tamil by Maria Belsin has been reproduced in English by V Amalan Stanley)