Colour Therapy or Chromo therapy ... Cures deseases literally at no cost!

Colour Therapy or Chromo therapy ... Cures deseases literally at no cost!

செய்திகளை உடனுக்குடன் தெரிந்துகொள்ள... இங்கே க்ளிக் செய்து இன்றே விகடன் ஆப் இன்ஸ்டால் செய்யுங்கள்!

Indian medicine is more than 5000 years old. Our forefathers had extensively used our traditional medicine for all cases including and involving surgery. The same has been classified into a plethora of branches and given different nomenclature to suit our convenience in modern times. One such is Colour therapy or Chromo therapy or Colourology or Light therapy which is used by us to treat different diseases. Particularly, this therapy is available in the Government hospital (Yoga & Naturopathy) which is in Arumbakkam,Chennai. Prof.Y.Deepa shares the following interesting details as under:-

Prof.Deepa says that there are umpteen colours in and around us in the universe and each colour is unique. Colours are there only for Earth of all the planets and they provide peace in the minds of human beings.

Colours are responsible for the proper functioning of our body, mind and feelings under the force of the natural sun which embodies all the colours in it though it looks white in colour. Fruits and vegetables possess different colours because of the phytonutrients in them. According to the colours, their functions vary. For example, the tomatoes are red in colour because of the particular phytonutrient called lycopene in them. This purifies and regulates blood circulation in our body. Similarly, the white garlic and white onion contain anthracenone which increases our immunity level to fight against diseases.

Again, carrot and orange contain beta-carotene and vitamin C in plenty. It will help us prevent eye defects and cancer. This also controls fat content in the body. Yellow colour vegetables and fruits consist of carotenoid which changes into vitamin A to facilitate easy digestion. This will improve our vision also. Green colour vegetables and leaves such as thulasi, pudhina(mint) and spinach contain chlorophyll that enables unwanted waste materials to get cleared from our body. Thus each vegetable or fruit contains a colour that is curative in nature.

Our human body is like a machine. If there is a problem, it will be visible. Those who have more of undigested particles in their body system will have the problem of elimination which will cause them to suffer from fever. Under such a situation, if some medicine is taken, the waster products are retained in the body itself which will cause further problems. Those who do not have this problem will not be affected by any change in the season. If there is fever, the waste products should be eliminated from the system naturally. If this is done, fever will reduce gradually. Persons affected by anaemia will have less of red corpuscles. Their tongue, eyes and nail ends will be whitish in colour.

The colour of one’s tongue, face and nail will reveal the disease of a person. For example, people suffering from jaundice will have their tongue, eyes, skin and nail in yellow colour.

Further, Prof.Deepa says that she will first find out the problems of the individuals from the external colours reflected in their body; if not, she will check the pulse and then proceed with treatment. Problems such as sleeplessness, constipation, cholesterol etc. will be identified in this manner. Menses related issues will be noticed by the appearance of pimples in the face, body weight etc. Growth of hair in the face is due to hormonal problems.

When it comes to treatment, Prof.Deepa states that different colour bottles with water will be placed against sunlight so that the rays will treat the patients. For example, if the patient drinks the water from the red colour bottle, his/her blood circulation will improve; pain will disappear. The water from the blue colour bottle will treat and cure blood pressure. The main curative element is the colour of the bottle with the help of sunlight.

Likewise, water, if taken from the green colour bottle, will cure cold and cough. Yellow colour bottle water will facilitate waste from our body to be cleared. However, all these remedial steps require the doctor’s recommendation. It will be effective if only the conditions are fulfilled like the duration of water being kept under sun light etc. Apart from water, either coconut oil or gingili oil can be kept in a coloured bottle under sunlight and this oil can be used for massaging the body to remove the pain from the body. 

Colour chakra meditation will bring us releif from diseases. There are seven chakras in our body.Each one will have a colour. The colour which suits a person will be used to cure deseases. For e.g. Women who have mensural problems will be asked to use yellow chakra to meditate.

Prof.Deepa further states that she will check the pulse and suggest seeing appropriate colours for treating migraine. Alternatively, she will advise the patients to close their eyes and visualize a particular colour under guided meditation practice.

Psychological treatment is also provided with the help of colour therapy. The doctor confirms that once she reads their pulse she will be able to understand and assess their positive and negative traits. Accordingly, she will give necessary colour therapy to change themselves for the better after counselling. For instance, children who lack concentration on their studies will be advised to wear yellow colour dress to help them change their attitude and habits. Similarly, the recalcitrant workers in a factory will be directed to wear blue colour dress in order to cause the desired effect in them.

Further some people would prefer red colour and possess positive qualities like good energy and enthusiasm. However, they will become angry easily and also very emotional. They would be ruthlessly frank without any fear or favour. Violet and green colour would be advocated to them to change their state of mind. Last but not the least, people who suffer from mental depression will normally like black colour. The doctor confirms that necessary advice would be given to them in regard to certain changes in their living atmosphere, place and the things that they handle in order to cure them from depression.

Dr.Deepa finally concludes that the colour therapy can cure diseases and if the patients take this treatment along with naturopathy medicines, they will certainly get the best of both worlds.

(This article written in Tamil by Maria Belsin has been reproduced in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)

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