Significance of Aroma therapy

Significance of Aroma therapy
Significance of Aroma therapy

Aroma Therapist Geetha Ashok highlights the significance of aroma therapy with scented oil in this article. She confirms that aroma therapy is capable of treating many diseases and disorders in our body. It has a long history too!

Aroma therapy produces good odour which corrects our body and mind simultaneously. To cite a few examples, Geetha Ashok maintains that if the women refresh and dress themselves with flowers on their head, preferably in the evening instead of in the morning, they will definitely feel more enthusiastic and energetic. In particular, the cilia hair in the nostrils will absorb the good smell and send them to the limbic system in the brain, thus causing total relaxation to the mind as well as body.

Essential oil refers to the extract taken from different flowers. There are different colours in flowers and some may produce a good aroma around the wearer while some may even cause the wearer to lose his senses . Based on this only aroma therapy has been found.  This essential oil is extracted not only from the flowers but also from other parts of plants such as seed, fruit, stem, gum and root.  For instance, jasmine,rose and lavender flowers are used; sandalwood, lime, dried ginger and orange are also used for taking the extract from them. Besides the general relishable aroma, this can be mixed with warm water for external body massage which will be highly soothing and pain-relieving.

Aroma therapy based body massage is equivalent to ayurvedic body massage. This will help one to get relieved of the pain. Besides this, the steaming of the essential oil will kill all the germs. The inhalation will give a total rejuvenation.

Aroma therapy enjoys reference in the Bible itself. There is a mention that the aroma caused by perfumes was widespread in the house. In the olden days, the plague disease was cured only by the aroma therapy. In Egypt, they had used these perfumes to preserve the bodies for more than 2000-3000 years against any decay. Myrrh oil used to prevent the bacteria from destroying the body. Similarly, cedarwood oil was used to ensure that the body was not broken or damaged in any manner.

In the past, people used to grind flowers or burn flowers to produce and consume the aroma. It was only during the period of French chemist and scientist Gattefossé that its liquid form was also put to use. It was after an adverse incident that happened to him while working in his research lab wherein he accidentally poured acid on his hand that had caused serious injury. He immediately put lavender oil over it and bandaged the same. To his surprise, it got totally healed the very next day. This made him give up his job and concentrate on his research on a full-time basis. He came out with nearly 450 oils for use. Thus this aroma therapy has been popular since then (around 100 years).

Aroma therapy has plenty of uses. If we mix it in water and take bath, we will feel fully refreshed with a good aroma.  Our skin will get a polished look if we add coconut oil with this. Diabetic patients can use this aroma oil daily as external application so that the foot-related problems can be prevented. Hair falling, hair loss, early white hair problem, grey hair due to acidity, lice and dandruff problems can all be fully cured with the help of this aroma oil.

Fundamentally, the quality of the skin will be scanned and assessed by the doctor before prescribing the aroma therapy for the patient. Pimples on the face, white patch on the skin, black spots, warts etc. can best be treated by this international quality-assured aroma therapy.

The skin will get dehydrated during winter season and creams should be used depending on the skin type. This will control unwanted allergy.   Similarly, dandruff, if found out in the initial stage itself, can be cured by this aroma therapy easily. If left unchecked, it will create itching sensation leading to psoriasis. Hence it is better that whatever problem either on the hair or skin is there, it must be found out in the beginning stage itself and suitable aroma therapy be given to solve the problem. It will also ensure that no recurrence will be there.

Migraine will be caused to a person on account of hard labour, lack of rest, lack of proper food intake and mental depression. There is a definite remedy in aroma therapy for these issues. Migraine patients can smear the aroma oil for better relaxation. They can use samandhi or tulasi or eucalyptus oil subject to suitability and obtain relief.

In addition to these, ailments like hair-related problems, sleeplessness and including cancer, this aroma therapy can be resorted to for complete cure and relief. Thus aroma therapy proves to be a full-fledged curative treatment for many a disease under all circumstances.

(This article written in Tamil by Maria Belsin has been reproduced in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)