More Remedies for the Malady of Dengue!

More Remedies for the Malady of Dengue!
More Remedies for the Malady of Dengue!

More Remedies for the Malady of Dengue!

Since recent times, dengue outbreak news has been increasingly hitting the headlines of all dailies and the general public have been constantly in a state of panic. This reminds us of the erstwhile chinckengunya and other terrifying diseases that had affected us. Simultaneously, the ‘nilavembu water’ as advocated by Siddha medicine has become conspicuous at all levels. However, there are still more simple medicines that can treat dengue. 

Siddha medicines:-

Traditional medicine like the siddha plays a key role in fighting this dengue fever. In addition to Nilavembu (Andrograps paniculata)water, papaya leaf essence, hill neam leaf essence, aduthoda(adhtoda zeylanica) leaf exteract, amukara kizhangu(Withania Somnifera) powder etc. do cure the dengue fever.

What can prevent dengue fever?

The primary means is to ensure that the aedes mosquitoes do not bite us. For this, eradication of mosquitoes and further preventive measures must be taken by us on a war-footing basis. The next step is, if at all it bites, we must know how to keep our body immune to the effect of this bite for which Siddha medicines come to our rescue.

Different Siddha medicines to increase the immunity:- 

As a preventive measure, amukkara kizhangu powder, amla essence, tripala choornam etc. can be taken with the advice of the doctor. Similarly, nilavembu water can also be taken. In the case of children, tablets (eg.masikkai, kadukkai and veppankottai) can be given. If it is a baby, mother’s breast milk is more than sufficient. Besides this, pepper, garlic and clove should be increasingly taken in our food. Boiled water only is advocated. Three times meals should be taken compulsorily. All these will improve the immunity level.

Nilavembu water:-

As of now, there is a great deal of awareness of the importance of nilavembu water among the people. Now that monsoon is around the corner, this nilavembu water can be periodically taken only with the advice of the doctor. The doctor will advise who can take and how much one can take. He will also give guidelines for the preparation of this medicine. People above 15 years can take 30 ml to 50 ml. and people below this age will have to take less than this. (only on the advice of the doctor) This water is both antipyretic and analgesic. It is a highly potential medicine.

Nilavembu water consists of nine herbal like nilavembu, vettiver(Andropogan moricatos), vilamitchai ver, dried ginger, pepper, koraikizhangu(nut sedge), sandal, parpadakam and peipudal(wild snake gourd). In this medicine, some ingredients are mixed or excluded, thus resulting in adulteration. However, it is available in all siddha medicine hospitals and public health centres from where people can access to get.

How to increase platelets?

Papaya leaf essence is the best source to improve the count of blood platelets. The leaves are required to be cleaned properly and the essence taken from the leaves should be drunk @ 10 ml. Onve in 4 hours. This will automatically increase not only platelets but also the quantity of W.B.C.s (white blood cells) in our body. Hill neem leaf essence also bears the same result.

What to do if dengue attacks?

In the event of dengue attack, there is no need to panic. In order to control the fever, nilavembu water can be taken along with piramananda bairava tablet and thirukaduku choornam. Likewise, aduthoda water choornam etc. are also available. Above all, the universal remedy of water should not be neglected. We must ensure that the patient does not get dehydration at any point of time. Similarly, self-medication should also be avoided because some medicines will result in adverse consequences. If fever attacks, it is always better to approach a doctor for necessary treatment.

What is needed is integrated approach:-

Nowadays what is actually required in terms of treatment is integrated approach to the patient. In fact, it is appreciable that both siddha and allopathy are being made available in most of the hospitals and the patient is given consultation by both the practitioners for the benefit of the patients.

Such a small insect (mosquito) is so venomous that the entire humanity is shaken beyond control.  Over a period of time, it has simply left the hospitals helpless and resulted in the death of so many innocent children and a few adults too. The plight of the families for having lost their beloved souls is beyond comprehension. How does a mosquito feel this? Yet, it is still largely in the hands of every individual in terms of keeping the surroundings clean and tidy including the water in the containers. Should dengue attack anyone, immediate consultation with the doctor is a MUST.

(This article written by DR V Vikaram Kumar MD(S) in Tamil has been reproduced in English by  P.S.Ramamurthy)

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