What the Globalisation and Global-Warming has got to say to this "Arctic Children"?

What the Globalisation and Global-Warming has got to say to this "Arctic Children"?
What the Globalisation and Global-Warming has got to say to this "Arctic Children"?

It was Cold. Cold enough to freeze your bare legs. Cold enough to break your frozen legs in a minute. It was a world of white. The yellow flowers were covered with snow. It was dazzling to see the snow starting to melt and it was like the flower was given with a transparent Ice protection. Now we can name it as an,  "Nicely covered Yellow Flower". While we see this, we can hear a sound with acceleration. Within minutes the sound started to fade in. Let's just hide somewhere and observe the things going around here. 

It was like drawing some crazy lines on the snow - the ice sledge approached. The sound of the sledge had given a hint of something to the herd of reindeer over there. They had their "murmurs". They didn’t expect this would happen. oh was just astonishing. Look at that!

The sledge had one man and three kids on it. The kids were on the wooden sledge which was tied to the bike. Even before the bike would stop completely, the man just jumped of it with a roll of rope. And now the herd knew what's gonna happen next and they started running. The man just threw a rope, which was slightly slipped from the antler of a reindeer. And yeah...he still tried to chase it. And the actual scene is not there. Let's turn our heads right up here. 

The kid just jumped off from the wooden sledge with the bundle of rope. He started chasing another reindeer and while he just tries to throw the rope, he falls...but he didn’t fail though. He just got up and targeted the other which was running behind him and within seconds he had his rope to its antler. The man just shook his shoulders with a smile and the kid smiled too. The man started his bike again, but the kid didn’t get on to it. Instead he started walking along with his catch. It was just a few minute walk and they reached a tent, where hearing the sound, the Nanny was ready to receive them. In a second she was shocked to see only two kids on the wooden sledge, but her shock turned into a look of surprise when she noticed the kid walking with the reindeer. She kissed him on his forehead, and the reindeer was tied to a small wooden pole over there. It was getting dark and they all went into the warm Tent there.

Now let's just learn about them and what are the pressurizing problems they are facing in the recent times. 

They are called "Nenets". They are the aborigines of Arctic Tundra in Northern Russia. They are the Natives of this Snowy world. Globalization and Global warming are showing its real bad, ugly face in their lives.

Though they are quite far away from the urban community, in recent years the geographical space actually didn’t mean to them. The urban culture is creating a considerable change in the younger generations. They want their kids to get educated in the residential schools. And they take the children to the hostels in the city schools. But not all kids adapt to this new environment. Naturally, Nenets are of nomad culture. They lead a very independent life. But here in residential schools kids are bounded with various restrictions and also the subjects they are learning here keeps them so far away from their group. But still, some children have coped-up to the modern culture and they fit themselves somewhere or the other. And the others who don't get a place to feel like living there get into depression. Some try to escape from the hostel. And it had even ended up in a most cruel climax.

Sometime recently, few kids planned and jumped the wall of the hostel and they started walking towards their village. It's almost a two day walk to reach their place. And yeah they almost did. But some miles left, they were caught in s heavy snow storm and they were not able to survive it. The whole village howled in grief of this tragical event.

If you ask,if there was no solution for this? the answer is "Yes there is". The woman named Anna Nerkagi, runs a small school in the village. It is a school with a syllabus of self-sustainability. She teaches the children with Nenets Culture, Russian History, Russian Literature, Cooking, Deer catching and so many things which will help the children to live on their own. Some Parents think this is the right school for their children. Bust some still think, the urban residential schools are the only remedy for the better future of their children. 

The children in Residential schools just Survive and the Children of this Village school live lively. 

And on the other hand Global Warming is having its hand on this Arctic region. Due to Climatic changes, the permafrost of this region had started to melt. But, Above all these troubles Nenets are leading a happy life.

There the boy comes. Its getting so darker. Feeds the reindeer with some stakes. And even before he returns, Nanny comes searching for him. And he runs to her, Hugging her, they get into that warm tent!