Beware of bad food combination!

Beware of bad food combination!
Beware of bad food combination!

Beware of bad food combination!

Awareness of good food combination is as important as taking timely meals. Majority of people tend to neglect good food habits. There is another category of some people who are extremely regular in sticking to timely meals but whereas they indulge in bad food combination either knowingly or unknowingly. Such wrong combinations fail to give what best it should otherwise provide. Sometimes it will cause indigestion and still more adverse consequences as per the views of doctors.

Siddha medical practitioner Dr.Muthulakshmi opines that the right practice of including good food and excluding bad food itself will help one to have healthy life devoid of diseases like diabetes. She elaborates on the types of food good for our health and the negative effects of wrong combinations in this article as under:
Intake of food must be against specific demand from our stomach as the acids inside our stomach will be eagerly waiting for the food for digestion and distribution of energy to other parts of the body. Alternatively, if we take chicken, mutton, fish chips etc. as and when available and as per our wish, they will hardly be digested. It will remain like a stone in the well. Hence it is important to take food when we are really hungry and not based on time factor only. Quenching one’s thirst is also like this practice, according to Siddha practice. The same siddha medicine emphasises that wrong food combinations should ideally be avoided so as to prevent the bad effects from being caused in our body.
What are bad combinations?
* Curd and keerai should not be taken at the same time. Both will take more time for digestion. 
* Curd and keerai should again not be taken before sleeping
* Keerai should not be boiled more. Keerai should be taken, preferably within 3 hours from the time of cooking; else, digestion will be a problem.
* Bronze vessel should not be used for keeping ghee
* Ghee should be taken only after melting before eating. It should be like oil

* Ghee should be consumed only for hot food in order to have easy digestion
* Honey and ghee should not be consumed together. Further, honey should not be taken with hot food; nor should it be heated and taken; if taken, the good properties of honey will not be useful for our health.
* Fruits should be eaten separately. Rather, it should be taken along with our main food. When we take bananas, we should avoid curd and buttermilk. Bananas should ideally be taken after lunch or dinner. It should not be consumed in empty stomach or whenever we feel hungry.
* Fish and mutton should not be taken with curd or buttermilk because if we take fish along with milk, we may get white patches in our body.
* We should avoid taking water after we eat sugarcane or any sweet for that matter. Instead, we can take hot water and can gargle our mouth. Since sweet is cold, we must avoid cold water immediately after taking sweets; otherwise, it will get us cold
* Wheat should not be taken along with gingili oil

* Spinach should not be mixed with sesame and consumed
* While we take betalnut, we must avoid oil 
* We should not take bath immediately after we take our food. Similarly, we should not do any physical exercise, swimming, cycling etc. for at least one hour from the time of eating because it will affect proper digestion.
* Further, dhur dhal, radish, milk, honey, dhal and sprouted dhal should not be taken together with mutton. This combination is nothing short of poison according to siddha medicine. 
* Urad and radish will not go together to make a good combination. This should also be avoided. 

For all practical purposes, matching is not confined to dress sense or life partner. It must be duly taken care of in our eating practice also in order to ensure that we remain hale and healthy for long.

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