Muthalvan - An Adorable Chief Minister

Muthalvan -  An Adorable Chief Minister
Muthalvan - An Adorable Chief Minister

Muthalvan - An Adorable Chief Minister

After a long passage of time, an ideal opportunity has come to write in praise of someone.                  
 “Congratulations to Pinarayi Vijayan”.

You may view it as an envious utterance of a neighbour.

At a time when doubts linger, about the existence of a Functioning Government in Tamilnadu, Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan is proving to be an epitome of “ Effective Governance”.

Although neighboring states, Tamilnadu and Kerala differ in many ways, Keralites have strong affinities to the film world celebrities like Tamil Nadu but never have they chosen a political leader from filmdom. Leaders chosen by them do not behave as if they have descended from another planet. Being simple and humble is the Keralites credo while in Tamilnadu every one aspires to be a Jayalalithaa.  Corruption per se is prevalent in Kerala. It comes out in the open soon. Public outcry is strong.Corruption is considered as a social evil there and never condoned as “ he has earned well“ as done in Tamilnadu.

In Kerala, politicians tainted with an image of corruption shudder to approach the voters. An important difference is the absence of “ Vote for Cash “ culture in Kerala.As we witness such enormous differences and peculiarities between the people of Tamilnadu and Kerala and agonize over our unfortunate predicament, here emerges Pinarayi Vijayan. He appears with a halo. We receive heartening messages from Kerala.

Reservations have been done in the Appointment of Archakas in the Temples under the Travancore Devasthanam Board. Among the 62 archakas appointed, 6 are from Dalit community. 30 archakas are from Backward Communities.Yadhu Krishnan, a Dalit has been appointed as an archaka in Manappuram Sivan Temple. Travancore Devasthanam Board established in 1949, has under its management 1248 Temples. Based on Merit, Archakas from Backward Communities have been appointed. For the first time,  a Dalit Archaka has been appointed. Such an appointment has happened as per the Central and State Government Regulations. The Travancore Devasthanam Board has affirmed that the same practice will be followed by Cochin and Malabar Devasthanam.

Kerala is called as ‘ God’s Own Country “ as a belief and it is proclaimed that Sri Maha Vishnu in one of His Avatars as Lord Parasuram, created Kerala in the Arabian Sea. Believers in such a myth will accept these appointments as a mega change. Such a marvelous change has been brought about effortlessly in the land graced by social reformers like Narayana Guru, Vaikuntha Swamigal, Aiyyangali, T.K. Madhavan.  

Facilitating the entry of women into the Iyyappan Temple in Sabarimala, has become the Official Policy decision of Kerala State Government. Kerala Government has come forward to recognize the inter-caste married couples as “ Casteless “ and provide Reservations. Nava Kerala Mission, Scheme has been announced. Upward Growth in sectors such as Health, Education, Agriculture and Housing, are the 4 major objectives. Trans-genders are to be provided with suitable jobs in Cochin Metro Rail System. Those who migrate to accept jobs are to be provided with Health Insurance facility. Migrants from other Indian states also being eligible to avail such a scheme.  Thirty-Four Lakhs laborers have registered for benefits under this scheme.       

Machinery to process sanitary napkins have been installed in high schools for girls.Security to women returning home in the late hours after work, are being provided security under the pink petrol scheme. The Administration of the Board of Differently Abled has been entrusted to a Differently Abled Person.

It has been decided to open schools within the vicinity of villages and to enhance the quality of education imparted in the existing schools. The Government itself signs as a Guarantor for the educational loans given to the students unable to bear the financial costs. WIFI facility is being provided in a few centers. Nearly 2 lakhs toilet facilities have been created. Kerala is being declared as a state without the human excreta in public places. Malayalam is taught compulsorily in all the state schools.  The list of positives lengthen.

Apparently, the facilities provided are deemed to be the fundamental duty of a good government.  However, as many Governments have woefully failed and are incapable of providing such basic facilities, special attention is drawn to the Good Governance of the Marxist Party Government of Kerala.

Quite often many a government announces a new scheme with a lot of fanfare but remain incomplete or end-up as a non-starter. Almost similar to students being assessed on their monthly performance, Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan personally evaluates and ensures the effective performance by his cabinet ministers.  Traditionally a Chief Minister of a State does not participate in agitations. When an agitation was held before the Reserve Bank condemning the “ Demonetization “ by the Govt. of India, as a Chief Minister, Mr.Pinarayi Vijayan, participated in the protest. In Tamilnadu we have witnessed Chief Ministers who
“wrote“ to the Union Government condemning issues, and presently we witness a Chief Minister who lacks the courage to even write to the Union Government.

Mr.Pinarayi Vijayan took to the streets in defense of the millions of people below the poverty line, when the Central Govt. made a punitive order forbidding the eating of beef. It is the Chief Minister of Kerala, who proclaimed that it is the prerogative and personal free choice of the individual to decide on the consumption any food of his choice. Consequently, he incurred the enmity of many across India.     

The State Government of Kerala is being targeted, hence being visited by Prime Minister Modi,  and the BJP President Amit Shah undertakes “ padayatra “, and Yogi Adityanath, trumpeted as the Next PM of India, also visits Kerala. A protest march in New Delhi was organized against the Government of Kerala. In a first of its kind, a big procession was held in the country’s capital against a regional state government. Unfortunately, in the State of Kerala gruesome murders as acts of vendetta, are taking place among the cadres of Marxist Party, and the workers of BJP-RSS  combine.

Marxist party claims about 205 members of their party have been killed, and in turn, RSS Hindutva group claim about 100 of their workers have been murdered. Indeed such acts are very unfortunate both for Kerala and for the Union of India and equally for the Marxist and BJP Parties. Not all the murders are because of political rivalry, many are because of personal hatred. However, all such acts are unpardonable crimes against society. The onus is on the Chief Minister to prevent such dastardly happenings.

People of Tamilnadu have provided adequate opportunities to both the DMK and AIADMK Parties to rule the State alternately. Similarly, in Kerala, the People have granted both to the Marxist Party and the Congress Party, ample opportunities to rule the state in succession. The BJP is frantically making efforts to enter as the 3rd contestant. BJP is desperate to gain foothold in conducting the political affairs of the State of Kerala.

Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan has emerged as the big stumbling block to BJP’s political aspirations in Kerala. Hence the anger and the resultant violence. Kerala has achieved a Secular Society, through the contributions of Reformist Social Justice Movements.In such a Kerala , RSS is attempting to lay a foundation. According to Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan, with the sole objective to eliminate the well-entrenched Marxist Party, and follow up with the execution of their “ divisive tactics “ , the murderous attacks are conducted on their cadres.  As long as the conflicts remain ideological they are manageable and only when violence creep in then it becomes fearful. The back-door entry into domestic Tamilnadu politics, post-Jayalalitha, is being replicated in Kerala.

Being immune, insensitive to the happenings in the neighboring state, Tamilnadu Government is in a limbo and paralyzed. They are unaware of having been injected with poison for a long time now. Long before it happened in Kerala, it was the yesteryear’s  Tamilnadu Government that had promulgated the Act, to appoint Archakas in temples without reference to caste affiliations.Although an interim stay was granted by the Supreme Court, to such an act enacted by the DMK Govt., in the year 2006, subsequently in the Final Verdict of 2015, relief was given by the Supreme Court of India. There was no denial of the validity of the Act and it was announced that the established “ Agama “ practices could continue.  

The Leaders of the Ruling group in Tamilnadu, are totally impervious to the merits of such an Act. Present day rulers of Tamilnadu have conveniently forgotten their  “Prime Deity / Jayalalitha “, and for the sake of money have accepted the Powers that be in New Delhi,  as their new “Kula Deivam “.

(This article written by P Thirumavelan in Tamil for Ananda Vikatan issue dated 1/11/17 has been reproduced in English by M.Johny Manimaran)

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