Master Health Check-up – For Whom, When and Why?

Master Health Check-up – For Whom, When and Why?
Master Health Check-up – For Whom, When and Why?

Master Health Check-up – For Whom, When and Why?

‘Master Health Check-up’ has become the talk of the town since recent years. Even if we complain of a mild headache, our friends and relatives immediately suggest that we should go for a thorough health check-up. Not to exaggerate, there are umpteen mobile units in every street corner with a weighing machine and a basic medical kit. We will be invited for a free check-up but with an ultimate offer with some discount for a complete check-up which would sound inescapable. Added to the offer, they will say that we have cholesterol or our weight is more and hence a complete check-up is rather warranted. Discount factor plus fear complex will make us budge ultimately. This is what is known as a corporate strategy which is highlighted in the recent movie, ‘Mersel’.

Master Health Check-up – For Whom, When and Why?

It is further observed that the cost of such basic master check-up differs from place to place and the irony is, however recent it may be, one lab’s findings will not be accepted or compatible with the other one.

General Physician Dr.Vijaya Chakravathi explains the meaning and scope of complete master health check-up. He generally feels that many people neglect health due to their present lifestyle. As a result of this, when some disease attacks them, they are necessitated to undergo longer treatment with more and avoidable expenses. When the disease also gets severe, it becomes more difficult for early treatment.

Master Health Check-up – For Whom, When and Why?

Master Health check-up:

* Blood group, sugar level in blood
* Cholesterol level
* HBA 1C examination
* Level of urea and cretonne in urine 
*  Chest x-ray
* Ultrasound of liver and kidney
* Heart function – ECG and ECHO

Master Health Check-up – For Whom, When and Why?


Eye, ENT tests, Chest x-ray, ECG, blood group, blood pressure, sugar level in blood, cholesterol level in blood, urea, cretonne  level, ultra-sound test in stomach, thyroid gland test, liver and kidney function tests are done and the cost of these tests differ according to the test requirements for the patients.
For whom it is prescribed?

In general, those who are 35 and above should undergo this master health check-up once a year. In particular, those who already have high blood pressure, heart-related problems, blood cancer; diabetics etc. through hereditary means should necessarily undergo these tests even before 35.

In addition to the above, smokers, alcoholics, people who are obese and who have a sedentary job and above all, people who take steroids on a continuous basis, must undergo the master health check-up every year compulsorily. 

Master Health Check-up – For Whom, When and Why?

What are the benefits?

Teeth, eye, ear, nose and throat related diseases can be found and diagnosed at the initial stage itself. Heart, kidney function, liver function, problems in the breasts and uterus of women can also be identified with the help of this master health check-up.

This master health check-up will enable the diabetic persons to know at the beginning itself and hence it will be possible for them to keep it under control by proper food habits and regular exercise, as advised by the doctor.

Similarly, cancer disease is also possible to be found out by this master health check-up and if diagnosed during the first stage itself, it will be easy for positive treatment accordingly.

Dr.Vijaya Chakravarthi’s useful tips on the Master Health Check-up are simple and succinct for the layman’s understanding. The general public needs to be aware of these points irrespective of their busy lifestyle. Prevention is always better than cure!

(This article written in Tamil by G Lakshmanan has been reproduced in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)

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