Breath properly to avoid diseases 

 Breath properly to avoid diseases 
 Breath properly to avoid diseases 

 Breath properly to avoid diseases 

Dr.Manavalan, Principal of the Government Yoga and Naturopathy Medical College, Arumbakkam, Chennai, conducted a research among thousands of students and revealed an astonishing truth that many students did not breathe the right way. He is of the opinion that improper breathing is the root cause for many ailments that we experience in life.

Dr.Manavalan explains the process of right breathing exercise. Humans and mammals have the habit of breathing or inhaling oxygen found naturally in the air through our nostrils. When the oxygen enters our lungs, our lungs will expand and they will send the oxygen to all other parts. This is called inhalation. This needs

to be done continuously with a rhythm. 

As in the case of inhalation, exhalation also takes place continuously with a rhythm. In the meantime, the blood will eliminate the carbon dioxide which is not useful for body. Dr.Manavalan further confirms that newly born babies only breathe in and out correctly. As one grows up in life, the right way of inhalation and exhalation gets deviated and improper and that becomes our habit for the rest of our life. The research conducted by the students among the aged people shows that nearly 60% of the elders do not breathe properly. 

Whenever oxygen becomes insufficient, it induces us to have deep breathing and at that time only, we breathe properly and during the rest of the time, our breathing is not in order.

When we inhale through our nostrils, the air will reach our lungs. Our lungs will move upwards and downwards and also expand like a balloon. This is the correct method. At that time, the diaphragm should move downwards and the stomach will come out. Similarly, when we exhale, the diaphragm will move upwards while the stomach will get inward. This is a natural process and a scientific one too. If we closely observe, newly born babies would correctly follow this procedure whereas the grown-ups fail to do so. Statistics reveals that at least 60% of us follow the wrong method of inhaling. Like in the case of so many other aspects of changes, the way of breathing has also undergone a massive change.

Dr.Manavalan highlights the fact that it is but essential for every one of us to know whether we breathe in and out properly and, if not, we must learn the correct way from a yoga therapist so that we can avoid unwanted diseases and ailments like indigestion, exhaustion, mental depression etc. As long as we remain ignorant, we tend to neglect this; but, however, when we face problems, we would come to know that the basic truth behind it is the one which lies in proper breathing.

The correct way of breathing in and out, pranayamam and other breathing exercises are being practically taught in the Arignar Anna Government Siddha Hospital Centre free of cost. Public can approach this centre for getting the benefit accordingly.

If this is the root cause for many an ailment including heart problem, we can learn this art of breathing from the above centre without further delay.

(This article written in Tamil by M Maria Belsin has been reproduced in English by  P.S.Ramamurthy)

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