Indians spend max earnings for medical expenses...Caution for Lifestyle Diseases!

Indians spend max earnings for medical expenses...Caution for Lifestyle Diseases!
Indians spend max earnings for medical expenses...Caution for Lifestyle Diseases!

The World Health Organisation has clearly warned that the modern generation in India will be spending every bit of their hard-earned money only on health issues.

Most of the Indians have changed their lifestyle by dafault. Their working hours, patterns, diet and sleep have vastly changed . This has resulted in many a disease, in effect. This is called lifestyle disease. These diseases spread fast and many individuals suffer from mental depression also. The World Health Organization has clearly warned that the modern generation in India will be spending every bit of their hard-earned money only on health issues..

In general, we are complacent with our material achievements and we do not worry about the real and practical issues unless and until they happen to us. In 2015, both the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum issued a joint warning to the Indians that our expenditure on medical grounds would be more than our income. The resultant diseases are heart ailments, diabetics, cancer, lung infection, impotency etc. Because of these long-term diseases, our income level will not be able to meet the expenditure level in future. For instance, the related statistics reveals that in the year 2005, the income loss was Rs.57,000/ crores- only on these ailments but whereas in the year 2015, the income loss has boomeranged to around Rs.3.5 lakh crores which is beyond all proportions. It is sad to note that even this grim data has not changed the mind-set of our Indians.

The research finding further states that if we do not heed to the advice of WHO in changing our lifestyle, there will be more deaths and that too it will be more due to the lifestyle than due to other communicable diseases.

The research goes a step forward and reasons out the fact that the rat race of the corporate warriors is like chasing an imaginary deer and in the process, we lose our physical stamina and mental happiness. The money earned by us will hardly stay with us for long. It needs no proof at all. If we realize the fact that while we accept these kinds of jobs by accepting to change our lifestyle in accordance with their expectations, we invite lot of health issues. We will be forced to spend more than 3/4th of our earnings on our health. The net result is disappointment. In reality, we will not be in a position to identify these diseases attacking us because they are lifestyle diseases which will affect us slowly in the long run.

Some of the common diseases are Arteriosclerosis, Swimmer's ear, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Nephritis, depression, Chronic backache, Diabetes and Hypertension,Type II diabetes, Obesity etc.  

* Lung diseases due to high level pollution and air conditioner.

* Diseases that occur in the eye nerves due to constant working before computer screen and using cell phones

* Ear problems due to constant use of ear and head phones

* Skin problems due to lack of direct sunlight to our health

* Chronic backache due to constant sitting before the system

* Changes caused in our body due to constant air-conditioned atmosphere

* Obesity, indigestion and liver problems caused by fast food habits

* Sleeplessness due to night shifts

* Undue work pressure, mental depression and fatigue

Japanese medical scholar,Masayuki has gathered a research finding that the practice of sitting before the system and using cell phone and other related gadgets are capable of causing more dangerous health condition for the modern generation. He says the neck and back portion of our human body will lose their strength. He conducted an experiment by putting the animals to the access of this radiation for long and the result is that they became negative in character, lost their potency for increasing the procreation, lack of attention, loss of memory and sleeplessness etc.

Children are the victims:-

This digital phase is roughly 15 years old and people who are now above 22 years are partially the victims while boys and girls who are less than 15 years and the future generation will be the ultimate victims of this ubiquitous electronic age and its inevitable impact. People who are above 22 years are aware of both the merits and demerits but whereas the future generation is bound to suffer from the ill-effects of the electronic gadgets. In short, they will not be able to experience any emotional development; but instead, they will be growing as part and parcel of the gadgets.

What are the remedies for real happiness and experience of human feelings?:What is Lifestyle Disease?:-

Food habits are vital:-

Youngsters must take their food only when hungry. Otherwise, the already undigested food will not allow the intake to get digested and ultimately, this will cause lot of stomach and related problems. Most of us now eat as and when we wish which is very bad. Further, we must make it a habit to take our food based on our own seasons based on which only certain crops will grow in that specific area. These food items will be beneficial. We must avoid taking refrigerated food and food preserved for long artificially. This will be highly harmful to our body.

Physical exercise mould us better:-

Earlier, we have seen that we must take our food only when we are hungry. In order to feel the appetite, we must physically work and exert ourselves so that we will feel hungry periodically. It is not desirable to stay in an air-conditioned atmosphere during the whole time and to go for work-out in a gym on week-ends for the purpose of physical exertion. It, otherwise, means getting to work in such a manner that we get physical movements as well as free air and ventilation required for our body.

Respect the biological clock:-

Every individual has a biological clock which basically indicates that we must work during day time and sleep in the night time regularly. Nowadays, youngsters hardly know the difference between day and night. However, the rest that is taken during day time for the night working will never compensate the loss of sleep for all practical purposes. Even if the remuneration is comparatively less for day shift, it would be wise to prefer day shift instead of night shift.

Save the children campaign:-

The nerves of ears and eyes of young children are so tender that they will easily be affected if they constantly use these gadgets without any discrimination. Hence, the children should never be encouraged to access mobiles and games in systems. It is the responsibility of the parents to make the children appreciate playing in the ground as we did it. The parents should spend more quality time with the children so that they will be able to understand and reciprocate better. The life of children is more important than what the parents earn in their attractive employment.

The above-mentioned changes are essential considering the future of the kids. It is to be certainly realized that these changes are required to be taken only by us and not by any other external force whatsoever.

(This article written in Tamil by B Naresh has been reproduced in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)

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