Agri Export for abundant income... Successful Strategies - Part 1

Agri Export for abundant income... Successful Strategies - Part 1
Agri Export for abundant income... Successful Strategies - Part 1

This series of 12 parts will deal with the export of Agricultural products across the globe and make a sustainable business to earn regularly.

Exporting is not something new for Tamil Nadu. It has been in practice ever since the age of Sangam. There is no doubt in saying that our primary sector is agriculture and more than 60% of the Indian people are dependent on agriculture. However, it is a matter of concern that our agriculturists have not availed of the natural opportunity of suitable weather condition and production of various commercial crops for the purpose of establishing a good export trade practice. It is true that if our agriculturists had given due priority for export business, they would have become crorepathis. Even now, there are some agriculturists who have made full use of agriculture for export purpose and have proved their entrepreneurial skills successfully. Success in export is not magic at all. However, there are certain basic guidelines and nuances which will bring success on the export trade. Let us see the details hereunder.

Products like coconut, lime, plantain, mangoes, tamarind, vegetables, flowers, jaggery and other cosmetics including essences have great demand in foreign countries. We will see how we can expand this market and how our agriculturists themselves could handle this directly so that the profits will also be directly reaped by them. During the year 2017-18, the total export of commercial and agricultural products was 2.22 cr.tonnes (2,22,85,458.61 tonnes) and its value was Rs.1.19 lakh crores. The volume of export business keeps on increasing further and new exporters also keep coming. There is every possibility that our agriculturists can directly involve in this export trade as well.

A farmer is necessitated to lift himself to the next level if he wants to become a businessman. He must identify the place where the business of export takes place and pitch in direct so that he will be in a position to handle all functions systematically and successfully. In general, we indulge in business to earn profit which is called ‘necessity’. Second is the application of ‘force’ – when someone advises strongly to start a factory instead of agriculture. The third one is called ‘determination’ wherein we may be influenced to start a totally new venture by shutting down agriculture. The fourth one is known as ‘passion’ which would drive us to do better to our best satisfaction. The fifth one is ‘surprise’ wherein we receive a huge order all on a sudden and the last one is that we are able to give employment to several individuals.

Of all the above-stated guidelines, there are two important aspects – a) we should not start a business just because we are forced and b) we should not jump into something with no prior knowledge of it. Ideally, we must have the basic knowledge or we must join hands with experienced and reliable people to start a new venture. Then only it will be successful.

About the Tamil Author of this series:-

K.S.Kamaluddin, hailing from Adhiramapatinam of Tanjore district is a famous businessman, software and an academic professional. He is the Managing Director of Blue Bharat Exim Company. His experience in the export trade is more than twenty years and he is recognized as a ‘Star Exporter’ by the Government.
He is actively engaged in imparting practical training to the enterprising entrepreneurs coming for the Federation of Indian Export Organizations and the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises. He has been conducting awareness classes for the benefit of school and college students. Further, he is a trainer in the Export classes conducted by Nanayam Vikatan.

(This article was written in Tamil by K S Kamaludeen for Pasumai Vikatan magazine dated 25/9/18 and has been transcreated in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)