Greetings from your Ananda Vikatan, with love!

 Greetings from your Ananda Vikatan, with love!
Greetings from your Ananda Vikatan, with love!

Greetings from your Ananda Vikatan, with love!

Dear Readers,

For the past 30 weeks, Ananda Vikatan had been publishing a series of articles, titled ‘Manthiri Thantiri,’ about the activities of the AIADMK ministers in Tamil Nadu. The articles were very well received by the readers of the magazine. Such series

 Greetings from your Ananda Vikatan, with love!

are not new for the regular readers of Ananda Vikatan. During the previous DMK regime too, we had brought out similar articles about Mr.  Mu. Karunanidhi, and the ministers under his leadership. we strongly believe that one of the most important duties of a magazine is to evaluate impartially and critically analyze the activities  including achievements & failures of the elected representatives of the people.

This time, we began the series of articles about the AIADMK regime, with the first installment, titled ‘Yenna Seidhaar Jayalalithaa’ (What did Jayalalithaa do?), which takes an impartial look at Chief Minister Jayalalithaa and her activities. The article was published in Ananda Vikatan  issue dated 25th November. Ever since the article was published, Ananda Vikatan has come under bitter criticism by the AIADMK’s official publication, ‘Namadhu MGR.’ Defamation suits have been filed on the editor-publisher and printer of Ananda Vikatan at the Sessions Court in Chennai. Vikatan is no stranger to lawsuits. We are ready to legally face this lawsuit too.

Meanwhile, the information being received from various parts of Tamil Nadu indicate the stifling of the neck of our much-treasured right to freedom of expression. Some members of the police force have been trying to intimidate the retailers, distributors, and marketing representatives of Ananda Vikatan, and threaten them to not sell the magazine. According to information, they are being warned of dire consequences if they continue to sell the magazine. This has created a very unusual & distressing situation.

Moreover, Vikatan’s Facebook page has been blocked from the evening of the 23rd of this month. Vikatan has more than 60 lakh followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Only the Facebook page has been blocked. No official communication in this regard was sent to Ananda Vikatan from the Facebook team. No proper answers were given to the enquiries and clarification requests from Vikatan. We are continuing our efforts to recover our Facebook page. However, we can't help but wonder if the blocking of our page on Facebook has something to do with the political developments following the article that we had published.

But, no matter how insurmountable the obstacles are, we at Ananda Vikatan, stand firm in our decision to proclaim the truth, and speak it clearly with courage and conviction. You, the reader, are our biggest blessing and our driving force. Your love & support will always continue to guide us.


#StandWithVikatan     #LiftBanOnVikatanFBpage

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