Land…water…justice! Let’s join hands and save the city!

Land…water…justice! Let’s join hands and save the city!
Land…water…justice! Let’s join hands and save the city!

Land…water…justice! Let’s join hands and save the city!

Land…water…justice! Let’s join hands and save the city!

Do the rains have the power to bring an entire metropolis to a grinding halt? Can they completely wreck our lives? Does it have the power to make the mighty government machinery tremble? On the positive side, can the rains inspire us to risk our own lives to lend a helping hand to people we don’t even know?
How many things has the massive rain accomplished!

Almost every year, Tamil Nadu has to fight with its neighbouring states for water from sources like the Cauvery, Mullai Periyar, and Krishna. Now, in less than a week, the clouds had poured down enough water to last for a few years! Unfortunately, we couldn’t preserve it. If this was not bad enough, the flood water caused lot of damage and destruction, the likes of which the city never saw before. Lakhs of people lost their livelihoods due to the prolonged rains and are literally on the streets. It will take some time to calculate the actual loss of life and properties, but the statistics will surely make us all faint. 

Land…water…justice! Let’s join hands and save the city!

It was in the midst of this widespread destruction that youngsters came forward spontaneously to get form small groups of volunteers to rescue those in distress, thus earning our respect & love. The might of the internet and the social media was there for all to see. Until the day before, they didn’t even know each other, but that didn’t stop thousands of youngsters from coming to the aid of those who desperately needed help. Some sat in front of their computers to coordinate, while others were on Ground Zero.

The three different universes – those who wanted to contribute, the ones who were ready to help, and those who desperately needed help – came together. That’s when miracle happened. Food, water, dresses, medicines, emergency supplies…relief materials began to pour in from everywhere. Helping hands were suddenly available in each and every street. When the needs of one locality were fulfilled, the surplus was moved to the next place of need. Help was available right up to Cuddalore. Technology played the merciful god when electricity failed. Youth power, the kind of which was never seen before in this country, is now our greatest strength. And it has become, our role model.   (#HumaneChennai)

Land…water…justice! Let’s join hands and save the city!

The community is handling this never-seen-before crisis with grace and courage. This is the real “rule of the people.”  This has been proved over and over again by the help that continues to pour in irrespective of caste, colour, or religion.

The crisis also shredded the masks worn by the political parties. The members of the AIADMK shamelessly went about hijacking the relief material that was flowing into the city to stick the pictures of Amma  Jayalalithaa on them. While its functionaries distributed food packets to the hungry masses, the media cameras made sure that Jayalalithaa’s pictures were in the backdrop. Political parties that could easily gather truck-loads of people to attend its rallies failed to do anything worthwhile when manpower was really needed to save lives. Politicians got a glimpse of people’s ire. Angry and frustrated crowds chased them away. These vultures that feed on the miseries of the masses are the epitome of the decay that has been eating up the society.

Land…water…justice! Let’s join hands and save the city!

Now that the rains have come to a halt, in the coming days, demands for rehabilitation will grow enormously. Volunteers must commit themselves to the task with greater dedication.

Vikatan is willing to partner with each and every youngster in this cause. With its ‘Aram Seiyya Virumbu’ scheme, we have already started working for the rescue and rehabilitation of those whose lives have been wrecked by the rains. Relief works right now is doing the task of applying balm on the injury. But the long-term solution to this issue will be to identify the source of the problem and fix it.

So, what is the lesson that nature taught us these past few weeks?

Land…water…justice! Let’s join hands and save the city!

It is time for us to humbly accept that the rains and the floods were nature’s way of punishing us all for our heinous crimes of putting up concrete jungles on the dried up riverbeds, lakebeds, canals, and ponds – wherever we found open spaces. Keeping this lesson in mind, all of us, from individuals to the government, should take steps to correct ourselves and others, on war footing.

Environmental conservation should not be treated as a hobby of the rich and famous. The masses have to be made aware of the importance of conserving nature and its resources, and how to do it. Experts need to be consulted with in order to come up with effective and practical solutions. Political forces that ruthlessly destroy the natural resources for making more and more profits need to be identified and exposed. The efforts have to be two-pronged – preserve the land and water resources, and rescue those that have been encroached upon. . (#ReStorechennai)

Land…water…justice! Let’s join hands and save the city!

The Vikatan family is ready to take this big step. To start with, we are donating a sum of Rs.1 crore (Rs,1,00,00,000) on behalf of the Vikatan group. This is just the beginning. We will unveil the detailed plan soon.

We invite the people of Tamil Nadu to assist us in this task.

Land…water…justice! Let’s join hands and save the city!

Youngsters are our beacon of hope. Let us together begin this long journey in search of justice, to conserve land, water, and nature. If we delay further, our children wouldn’t have a square foot open place to play. There won’t be any rivers for them to wet their hands and quench their thirst with. This is our land. This is our water. It is our sacred duty to preserve them. We don’t have to wait for anyone else to initiate this. Let us rescue each and every natural resource that we had lost. Let us act right now.

Conserve land! Conserve water! Save the rivers!

Join with us, youngsters! To guide and to lead!

How could you help?

Readers who want to contribute to the flood relief measures via Vikatan have been enquiring with us on how to go about it. Dear readers, please send your contributions to the following bank accounts:

For readers residing in India

A/C NO             : 00040330019032
IFSC Code         : HDFC0000004 (For NEFT/RTGS)
MICR Code         : 600240002

For readers residing abroad:

Bank             : Indian Bank> Ethiraj Salai Branch> Chennai-8
A/C NO             : 443380918
IFSC Code         : IDIB000C032 (For RTGS)

Irrespective of how you choose to contribute, please send your details, including your name, Transaction ID, amount remitted, address and mobile numbers to

Contributions via DD/Cheque

Please draw the DD or Cheque in favour of VASAN CHARITABLE TRUST

Please mention your name and contact phone numbers at the back of the DD, fill up the information given below, and mail it to Ananda Vikatan, No.757, Anna Salai, Chennai 600002.

Mobile phone number:
Cheque/DD/RTGS No.                                     Amount:
Drawn on (bank)                                    Date:

(The DD and cheques should be payable in Chennai)

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