'Modi Ji's services to the Nation are unimaginable!' - Kanhaiya Kumar's exclusive interview

'Modi Ji's services to the Nation are unimaginable!' - Kanhaiya Kumar's exclusive interview
'Modi Ji's services to the Nation are unimaginable!' - Kanhaiya Kumar's exclusive interview

'Modi Ji's services to the Nation are unimaginable!' - Kanhaiya Kumar's exclusive interview

I think we don't need a separate introduction paragraph for him. Ideology may differ, we may stand against his views, we may be rightists, we may say he is anti -national, the whole nation is, however speaking about him. He became the centre of attraction of national media. Not only the national media, media across the world have published at least a single paragraph about him. yes. you are correct. he is... Kanhaiya Kumar.

First ever in tamil media, he has given an exclusive interview to

We wanted to record not only his word but also his emotions. So we planned to speak with him Hindi. He too felt the same. That Kanhaiya Kumar can speak brilliantly and that too with abundant clarity is no secret at all. This is what our senior sub editor M Niyas Ahmed  found out while conducting a brief telephonic interview with the controversial JNUSA head.

Now over to Kanhaiya Kumar,

One section of people is saying that you are studying with their tax amount, but still you are involving in anti national activities.... what do you say...?

This is a concocted lie. In my opinion, these people who are trying to spread false allegations and lies in the name of patriotism are the people who are working against the national interests. You see, JNU is  a great institution covering a vast spectrum of India and that too rural and downtrodden India. Students from very poor background are studying here and it is natural that they protest against the anti-poverty policies of government. How can an anti-government stand be translated as anti national? If the government tries to sabotage the interests of poor and marginalized sections of society, shouldn’t we, as responsible kids of India, protest? Shouldn’t we raise our voice against the oppression, increasing casteism and upper class dominance? You please tell me, whether we can keep quiet when a large section of dalits are still complaining about rising inequality? I would say silence is criminal in these circumstances and hence we react.

'Modi Ji's services to the Nation are unimaginable!' - Kanhaiya Kumar's exclusive interview

What might be the reason for these outbursts? You are leftists. Modi is a rightist. Only that aspect...?

Sir, this is not a simple matter of right and left. The ruling party had got a large mandate from the people of India by claiming to change the face of our country by eliminating the backwardness of the society and by bringing equality to all. And what is our experience till now? All policies of the government are pro rich and visibly anti dalit. I would say that right wing
politicians, in this context are mostly wrong whereas we, the leftists, are on the path of truth. In other words, this is the tragedy of our country that Right (which is having majority) is mostly wrong whereas the Left , which is right on these issues, is left out to lurch in the margins of mainstream society.

'Modi Ji's services to the Nation are unimaginable!' - Kanhaiya Kumar's exclusive interview

You are totally against the death sentence or else the death sentence of Afshal alone...?

Sir, we are against capital punishment as a whole. Even if Maya Kodnani (accused in Gujarat riot) is awarded capital punishment tomorrow, we would react in the same way only. It’s not the matter of Afsal Guru or Yakub memen. It is the manufactured lie of ABVP that we are protesting against the capital punishment of certain people only. I would like to make it absolutely clear that we are against this barbarian punishment system of execution.

The right wing people say after Modi has taken charge, the Nation is going in right direction and there are no big scams in this period...?

This is the biggest joke of the recent times, Sir. You see, this government came into power promising a lot, like 1 crore jobs per year, bringing back of black money etc etc.. Now what is the report card saying? I don’t see any material change in unemployment scenario, nor in black money. Now coming to scams, just tell me one thing sir. International crude prices have plummeted almost 75% since the Modiji government took over and why proportionately our prices have not been reduced? Isn’t it a scam? Isn’t it to help big corporates? Whose  interests are being protected here?  In the name of development, the government is enriching the ultra rich

So, you say that, Modi has done nothing in this two years period...?

(laughs) When did I say that, Sir? This government is working very hard in many areas like polarizing the society, intruding into the educational and cultural institutions, injecting communalism and depriving the downtrodden. Yes they are really hard working guys; relentlessly trying to curtail free speech and promoting anti dalit & anti poor policies.

'Modi Ji's services to the Nation are unimaginable!' - Kanhaiya Kumar's exclusive interview

Do you feel that, media is against you in this whole issue?

A strong and independent media is the essential pillar of democracy, isn’t it? I think all would agree on that count. Unfortunately a section of media (which are controlled by powerful corporate houses) acted as the mouthpiece of RSS in this issue and they tried to subvert the popular attention. But, thankfully, there have been others who stood out in the  path of truth and supported us. And I am grateful to all these guys for supporting our cause and bring out the truth.

Once people living in the foreign countries ashamed to say that they were from India but situation has changed after i assume charge... This was said by Modi... what is your comment...?

This is another lie propagated by the megalomania of BJP-RSS who want to lay claim on each and every thing happening in this country. Tomorrow these guys may claim that Sun rises in the east due to them!!! (laughs heartily…). You see, an Indian will always be proud of his Indianness irrespective of caste, creed and religion and that too during all times. The so called claims are just another propaganda aimed at self marketing by powers that be.


'Modi Ji's services to the Nation are unimaginable!' - Kanhaiya Kumar's exclusive interview

Do you feel that there is an institutional attack against the universities...?

 Sir, there is a big agenda by the RSS to saffronise not only universities, but all public institutions of our great country. They are targeting educational bodies, cultural institutions and media too. The bigger aim is to obviously fabricate he history of this country and as a baby step they are targeting universities now. If this is not nipped in the bud, greater damage will be
inflicted on our diverse society very soon. This is a very great concern.

'Modi Ji's services to the Nation are unimaginable!' - Kanhaiya Kumar's exclusive interview

As Venkaiyah Naidu said, why won't you concentrate on education alone...? you are from a poor family... why won't you concentrate in education and your future...?

How unfortunate and childish these arguments are, Sir.. And that too coming from Naidujii who himself had come to politics through ABVP. If the sole duty of a student is just to study and not to get involved in the affairs happening around her, how the world will progress? If the same
mentality was nurtured by our forefathers, who could have fought for Independence, how we could have got independence in the first place? A student is tomorrow’s responsible citizen, he should be responsive enough to the events occurring in the world around him and should react

In your speech, you said that you have strong belief in courts... Speak from your heart... does the Court treating all the people equally... Chhattisgarh Adivasis and Mumbai multicrore artists, businesspeople, politicians...?

 Judicial processes need to be reformed-that is beyond doubt. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have faith in Judiciary. Like in all sectors, bad apples may be here as well; but because they are present, is it fair to completely disown the judiciary? It would be beating around the bush. The constitution given to us by great Ambedkarji is the great foundation on which our entire democratic fabric is built and like all great monuments, this also would require refinements- but
the basic structure remains the same.

We Observe that various students front protest in a big way, while there is an oppression from Majoritatians... but why is the protests not that effective while issues arised by minoritarians... ?

You see sir, we are neither against majority nor any minority. The constitution provides an equal right to everybody to follow any religion and there should not be any discretion in that. As far as I understand, no religion stands against other religions and all of them believe in egalitarianism. Basically, it is the practitioners of the religions who are creating these problems.
Just because majority of people believe in a particular religion or say a political stand does not mean that others should suppress their feelings. Such feudal mentalities should be wiped out. And we are revolting against these fascist tendencies only. Now I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those people who stood with us in our difficult times and we would like to have your continued support in coming days too. Lal Salaam… Jai Hind.

Okay... I have  meetings... Professors and friends are waiting.. Let's discuss later sometime...

And so did our conversation end. Brief might have been our talk, a little tired might have
been his voice; but the strength of his ideas is very relevant in our society.


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