From Occupy Wall Street To Marina Movement! #Marina #SaveJallikattu #5MinsRead

From Occupy Wall Street To Marina Movement! #Marina #SaveJallikattu #5MinsRead
From Occupy Wall Street To Marina Movement! #Marina #SaveJallikattu #5MinsRead

From Occupy Wall Street To Marina Movement! #Marina #SaveJallikattu #5MinsRead

No one can forget Occupy Wall Street Movement. In 2011, thousands of people beseiged wall street on various demands, especially against raising disparity in the imperialistic nation. After deep analysis, Journalist M Niyas Ahmed finds a lot of similarities between the Tamilnadu Jallikattu movement and  Occupy wall street movement.  He listed some of the points below.

Adbusters - the Canadian, anti-consumerist,pro-environment magazine proposed an idea in a blog post on July 13, 2011. The poster portrayed a dancer on top of Wall Street's iconic Charging Bull, that said  
        SEPTEMBER 17TH.
             BRING TENT.

When NewYorkers received this call, many didn't consider it as a big deal. Instead, they doubted about the possibilities of million gathering in a call.
Even the American Government had neglected this proclamation. At that time, they would have never expected a revolutionary uprising was waiting for them.
But a Long-standing agony had developed among the working class of NewYorkers as a net effect of socio-economic inequality, unemployment, bank loans & debts, failure of economic policies. Americans urged to force their government to put an end to this torment.

"Just an announcement"

A general assembly was incorporated to take forth the events.Without worrying about outcome or caliber, they kept moving towards their goal. On August 02,

2011 general assembly had gathered near Wall Street bull sculpture holding a strategic session for OWS(Occupy Wall street). As this demonstration was filled with figures and statistics, the audience lost patience and hope.They urged to do solid actions.

Next meeting was organized at Irish Hunger memorial, which is in the neighborhood of Manhattan. As the cloud showed some silver lining, this time they really kept their hope on Capturing the Wall Street.Call for #OWS spread virally in social media. Simultaneously working groups had organized to plan catering, Media, sanitation etc... for a mass gathering on 17th sep'11.

On Saturday, Sep 17,2011, the Sun rose up high on the Wall Street.A protest which had started with hundreds ended as an uprising with millions and those millions uproared,
"Tear down Wall Street ",
"End the war; Feed the poor",
"We are 99%"

that torn down the skies of Manhattan.At last, they Occupied the Wall Street.

Six years later, a comparable scenario happens on the second largest seashore of the world. Millions of people gathered there to showcase their support to lift the ban by the supreme court on Jallikattu aka Embracing the bulls, a 2000-year-old cultural Identity of Tamil Nadu and it's people. 

"Occupy Wall Street and Marina Makkal Movement are indeed cousins alike"

Pro-jallikattu protest had started unexpectedly when protestors were arrested in Alanganallur. Just 10 persons gathered in Marina to show their solidarity. Trespassed police might not have noticed them. Even if they had noticed, would they never have imagined 10 number would turn to millions.When Clock ticked away, the count was in the incremental mode.

Police approached to convince and oppose them with their very own tactics.When they shut off the power, the protestors, on the other hand, raised their cell phone flashlights. The power of the police force failed abruptly in front of the zillions of upraised hands.
Unlike Wall Street occupiers, MMM(Marina Makkal Movement) has neither working sects nor a general assembly. In spite of the unorganization, Everyone in the protest marched towards one direction.While protestors were in ground zero, youngsters have helped them with all basic amenities. They requested support  through social media .The Protest proliferated. Families in large have arrived Marina to participate in the event. The counts of Protestors increased by leaps and bounds.

Now, Marina has become the epicenter of Indian politics. Jallikattu, is not the only issue for them. There are political teachings happening on the shores in the midnights and early morning for the past week. The youngsters are discussing the current politics with facts and figures. They have a clear view over how the government in the center is sidelining the rights of TamilNadu. Political parties are indeed using them like disposable tea cups that they remember people only during the legislative elections, says few youngsters at the shore. 

Now the Gathering 
Of jallikattu supporters;
By jallikattu supporters;
is for causes beyond jallikattu.
Animosity which they withheld inside has not begun in a day or two, it's century old.

"Century Old Anger"

While the center treats the people of Tamilnadu like an orphaned with no rights the ironical part is when the rulers of Tamilnadu stand alongside the central administration.

When injustice becomes the law, rebelling becomes the duty. Anguish against governments made the people agitate.Not only the Chennai Marina but also Alanganallur and Thamukkam of Madurai has become the social stress buster now.

The victory of OWS frightened the American government. OWS made the whole world to look at them. This applicable to the Marina Uprising. This agitation should effectively shake the governance. It is a call for the rest of India to stand against all the imperialistic governments.

The Slogan shout was loud beyond the waves of Bengal bay. The gathering doesn't have a leader but every person is leading the protest in a non-violent way and YES!!! We have witnessed the true history before it's been written over and remembered through time.

Here is to the next generation of TamilNadu politics, huge respect and roar. 

Translation: Jeevitha Paulraj

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