"We support Hydro Carbon" - A Voice of Tamil Youth

"We support Hydro Carbon" - A Voice of Tamil Youth
"We support Hydro Carbon" - A Voice of Tamil Youth

The Language is Eloquent. Words fly with wings. Hydro Carbon, Hydraulic Fracturing, Methane, Ethane, Propane... are beyond Mob's imagination. The War is Here. Science of CH4, C2H6, C3H8 is been fought against mere emotions relating to farmers, agriculture, water, livelihood. Is that all? Doesn't these emotions have any Scientifical justifications? And This Youngster answers, "Yes. It has". 

PremAnand Sethurajan, an Engineer by profession stands as a "Lone Ranger",  fights Science against Science representing the fragile class of farmers. His recent Video "We Support HydroCarbon Project" nails the central government and its representatives who are intended to carry out Hydro Carbon project for mere Economic Profits. 

With 8 years of work experience in US, Prem returned to Tamilnadu a few years back.He wanted to bring a revolutionary change in our educational system.Hence, he quit his high paid job and has returned to India from States. He started an channel in the name of LMES(Lets Make Engineering Simple ) academy through which he has been teaching application oriented science stuff and educational videos to school and college students. And Yeah he Made...

Why do you Support Hydro Carbon Project?

" Making it simple... The combination of Hydrogen and Carbon is named as "Hydro Carbon". Say if 1 Carbon, 4 Hydrogen are combined its Methane - CH4. 2 Carbon and 6 Hydrogen combine to give Ethane C2H6. And it goes like that. Today, World's 46% of Power need is solved through Hydro Carbons. We may not blindly stand against Hydro Carbon in this scientific world as we all need it, But I strongly oppose the way it's been done. I Oppose "Hydraulic Fracturing". I support Hydrocarbon only if it is done in a right way."

What would be the alternative for hydrocarbon if not "Hydraulic Fracturing"?

" Yeah... Here is where we lack. This is the point where we have to move our emotional strengths into Scientifical Strategies.The government intends to extract Hydro Carbon so that it can produce Energy, fuel. But for this, we may not need  "Hydraulic Fracturing". We can clearly witness the adverse effect of this

process in many world countries. Instead, we can go for an alternate and the source for this alternate is abundant in our country. Through this process, not only can we extract hydrocarbon also we can save agriculture, improve the quality of Farmer's lives. And that worthless treasure is nothing but the GARBAGE."

If am not wrong, you said "Garbage"?

" Yeah. Exactly. Many world countries including America, Germany, Sweden extract Hydro Carbon from Garbage. Sweden imports almost 10 tons of garbage for this extraction. US uses an extraction process called 'Land Fill'. 

1 ton Garbage = 40 kg Methane = 2 LPG Cylinders. 

Almost 4,500 tons of garbage is been accumulated in one day in Chennai alone. 200 Municipal Corporations in India accumulates 1 lakh tons of Garbage in a day. 

1 day = 1 Lakh ton Garbage = 40 lakh kg Methane = 2 lakh LPG Cylinders. 

Also, Central Government had planned to implement "Hydraulic Fracturing" in 44 places all around the country and it intends to produce 1 Billion Kg of Methane. Instead, if it makes an effective system for this solid waste management, it can easily produce 1.5 Billion Kg of Methane per Year. Also, we can produce 90 Lakh Tonnes of organic manures from the remaining garbage, which can be used to convert 45 lakh acres of wasteland into an agricultural field. 

The process could be Successful in  Small countries like Germany or Sweden. Do you think it will succeed in India?

" Actually it's Vice Versa. See... Sweden imports garbage. Just imagine the amount of garbage we accumulate. Also, our farmer community has got a tremendous scientific knowledge. Even Long before, farmers used to dig a pit at their back yards, accumulate the organic wastes and used to produce bio-gas from it. We are a community who used "dried cow dung"  as a fuel. Just throw out this so called devil "Hydro Carbon" and approach farmers with Bio - Gas Process and then see how successful the project would be. They will welcome you like a Spartan King." 

Is it Costlier than that of "Hydraulic Fracturing"?

" Yeah Economically, relating to infrastructures... Yeah.. there will be slight difference. But Environmentally, this would be far, far cheaper. Also, you will get many value added products, Extra Income, You can save agricultural lands, farmers... Above all, you can considerably reduce global warming through this process. In all aspects, this would be the best process, provided government is a real 'Public Welfare Government' " finishes Prem with a dreaming smile. 

When Politicians can turn up Scientists, why not a mob? And yeah Prem Scientifically answers on behalf of protestors who are merely Emotionally Bounded!!!

- R. Kalai Selvan.