Dinakaran hitting the dead end!

Dinakaran hitting the dead end!
Dinakaran hitting the dead end!

TTV Dinakaran is hitting a dead end as it seems he has lost the support of the majority of the Ministers and cadres of AIADMK. When Dinakaran was away from Chennai on 17th and travelled to Bengaluru to meet Sasikala in Jail, the senior leaders and ministers met at the residence of the minister Thangamani and discussed the strategy to merge the two factions of AIADMK to save the party and government.

After the suspension of RK nagar elections, many ministers were not happy with the style and functioning of Dinakaran and were wondering why he is trying to capture party and power when he does not enjoy support within the party and and also among the people of Tamil Nadu. Moreover when the Two leaves symbol was freezed by the EC , the party leaders felt that the foundation of the party is getting getting demolished. It became more evident and the writing on the wall was clear that if Sasikala and their family is controlling the party, it has to face more troubles in the coming days. Sources say that the Centre conveyed the same to the party people especially to Thambi Durai the Deputy speaker of Lok Sabha.

Dinakaran had discussions with the senior ministers last week and at that time, it was made clear to him that their family is responsible for the downfall of the party and loss of people faith in AIADMK which was made as a srtong fort by Jayalalithaa. It is learnt that minister Thangamani questioned Dinakaran as to why he is clinging on to the post despite the loss of confidence in him among the party leaders and cadres . Dinakaran who was shocked in disbleif to see the revolt against his leadership told them that he would consult Sasikala on 17th April and then decisions can be taken. But Dinakaran could not meet Sasikala on 17th April and the senior ministers seeing that the party is losing its ground, immediately met at the residence of Thangamani and later Finance Minister Jayakumar issued press statements that they are happy to discuss with O Panneerselvam group on the possibilities of merging the factions .

Panneerselvam who was touring in his native place Periyakulam visited Sringeri Sankaracharya who was camping there and took his blessings . His camp was also ready to talk to the ruling ministers group to find ways out to unite the party and emerge stonger. Thambi Durai was contacted by the central govt and was indicated to him to join the OPS camp and the Deputy speaker immediately met CM Edappadi Palanisamy and subsequently said that it will be a happy ending if the rival factions merge. Panicked by these turn of events going against Dinakaran, his loyalists asked the ministers to wait for some time before they take any decision . But Thangamani got furious and said that the time given for Dinakaran is already over and started discussions to merge the rival factions.

It was then decided to form a committee to initiate dialogue with the OPS group and work out formalities and other details of forming a new ministry . It is reliably learnt that if Dinakaran is opposed to these ideas, the party to take a decision to sack him from the party posts. In the meanwhile there were widespread rumours that Sasikala has resigned as Gen Secretary . It is very surprising to see that the ruling ministers group has not referred to Sasikala's name at any stage of the developments that have been taking place in the last couple of days.

With the EC bribery case chasing Dinakaran and all ministers ganging up against Sasikala family it looks like the end of the road for Dinakaran who wanted to capture power by hook or crook. Latest developments indicate that O Panneerselavam is likey to become the CM in the post merger sceanario with Edappadi Palanisamy as Deputy CM and Madhusudhanan as Gen Secretary of the party.