The Social Paradox

The Social Paradox
The Social Paradox

We have heard many comments like – “He’s very well-educated. However I can’t understand how he’s now become so orthodox and religious.  How is he so primitive in his thinking?”

The Social Paradox
Another comment – “He’s quite intelligent. Yet he’s a blind follower of ‘that’ political party. I don’t understand why or how?”
Both, similar questions. But actually on two totally different, diverse and unconnected concepts. It’s beside the point that in today’s political scenario – they mix both these concepts extraordinarily well to their political milieu.
While Science is considered to be an antithesis of religion, it may be interesting to note that there are many successful and path breaking scientists, who have deep religious beliefs too.
Talking about a common man, we can clearly see people taking the different sides of ideologies. So much that, in today’s connected world people only see verbal altercations between the two factions. Even if they are childhood buddies, sitting on the opposite sides of the table, they aren’t able to see eye to eye when it comes to such issues.
Are they both wrong?
Are they both right?
Or is one right and one wrong? If so which one?
Without dwelling into who’s right or who’s wrong or who’s “right” or who’s “left” – let us just understand that each one to his own. Own ideas, ideals and beliefs.
You may ask – but then why doesn’t he understand or appreciate the other person’s belief?
There comes the paradox.
Researchers point out that there’s a small portion in the brain that gets triggered when one talks about religion, God etc. And it is mostly on the right side of the brain. In fact as the joke goes in the scientific community, they have found a “God” spot in the brain.  
The Social Paradox
It is generally known that the left brain of the human body is associated with logic, reasoning, analysis etc., whereas right brain is more known for creative, artistic, and intuitive aspects.  
Our logical left brain takes an increasing meaning-making role in our thinking, our feeling or our willing. And both the sides of the brain are actively involved in tandem in many of our activities be it language or expression or whatever. However, they have their unique independent traits as well. And there’s a constant tussle between both the hemispheres to take charge and rule.
While the right brain holds the paradox, the left brain chooses sides. It may be strange to note that a person can be an atheist and a strong believer at the same time. But which side of the brain takes a dominant position would determine the person’s stand that he would exhibit.
The same perhaps holds true for political affiliations too.  Thus it explains - when a well-educated person shows too much affiliation to a particular political party, but not able to see or appreciate the logic or rationale behind his well-meaning friend talking about the ideals of the opposite party.
Blame it on the Right! (I meant the brain….., what did you think?)
The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant – Albert Einstein. 

-S. Dharmarajan