Nasa Scientist Raju - A funny dig on thermocol fame sellur raju

Nasa Scientist Raju - A funny dig on thermocol fame sellur raju
Nasa Scientist Raju - A funny dig on thermocol fame sellur raju

Nasa Scientist Raju - A funny dig on thermocol fame sellur raju

Thermocol Scientist (Minister) Sellur Raju is READY. Are you READY???

Put on your thinking cap and shoot out your innovative tips:-

Some prompts:-

* Sellur Raju deserves to be nominated as the Chairman of the Planning Commission for the project of converting the sea water into drinking water; because he is capable of coming out with a giant umbrella in order to prevent evaporation of sea water.

* What the NASA scientists can’t solve in the matter of ozone hole, Sellur Raju would, doubtless, prove it a myth by sealing the hole either with an invisible cork or an invincible adhesive or a cello tape.

* You and I may not know what and how a new idea would strike Sellur Raju during his siesta! He would simply suggest a Himalayan size sunglass for the very Sun God as that of the Cutti TV logo.

* Being true to MGR, he would ever strive to live up to his expectations as the former sang “What resource we don’t have and why we should hold the begging bowl before any nation?” Sellur Raju would surely have a stock idea of extracting oil from the Bay of Bengal through a conduit instead of looking out for oil from the Middle East nations.

* Forget about watermelon and sugarcane juice shops for quenching your summer thirst. Let the Sun God score even a century and more! Sellur Raju has plans to erect a massive shamiana from the borders of Tada to the tip of Kanyakumari so that none would face the heat at all.

* What next? If only river water is allowed to join and merge into sea water, it would become salty and faulty. Why should we allow it to happen? Store the entire river water in water bottles. How is that???

* Do not bother a bit about heat waves in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka. If we intelligently install giant size AC machines on all the three corners – be it split or window AC – the cool breeze will even impact the sea breeze around the entire Bay of Bengal.

* Sellur Raju has another direct solution for increasing the water level at least by ½ an inch in all the lakes. He candidly suggests all the womenfolk to rinse their towels after head bath in the lakes to achieve this - provided the entire womenfolk have enough hair on head!

* Sellur Raju is further confident of getting some valuable inputs from his friend in Sweeden for converting the mirage water into drinking water.

* Yet another innovation in pipeline is every house should possess a tricycle attached with a Kulfi ice box so that all the family members and the entire people of Tamil Nadu could enjoy Kulfi with Badam and Pista flaour and forget all their worries. Instead, they can keep on enjoying their life in praise of AIADMK’s incomparable rule in the State.

* In case nothing works out to our favour, Sellur Raju has still a fantabulous idea of shifting the very Vaigai river from Madurai to Kashmir by transporting through tipper lorries. That would be the best solution for making Vaigai river a cold river.

* No wonder Sellur Raju would hereafter be addressed as ‘Thermocol Scientist’ because he is the proud pioneer to introduce the novel way of setting afloat sheets of thermocol on the Vaigai river so as to prevent evaporation of water.

 Dear Readers,

 It is a fact that none can afford to compete with Sellur Raju in terms of innovative ideas. However, the opportunity should not be denied to the sincere  aspirants. Hence, if you have any valuable suggestion, you are at liberty to register the same in the comment box which we will forward to Sellur Raju for his  favourable consideration whenever he gets time off his ever busy schedule. Thanks.

- P.S.Ramamurthy

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