Edappadi Palanisamy may sacrifice couple of ministers. Guess why..?

Edappadi Palanisamy may sacrifice couple of ministers. Guess why..?
Edappadi Palanisamy may sacrifice couple of ministers. Guess why..?

Edappadi Palanisamy may sacrifice couple of ministers. Guess why..?

Sekhar reddy a PWD contractor of Tamil Nadu was raided and arrested after huge cash and gold were seized from his residence. He is presently in jail and the IT dept has been analysing the documents and diaries seized from him.

The diary it seems contains names of ministers who have been given huge bribes and the IT dept has sent a letter to the Govt of TN to take necessary action. The BJP circle is of the opinion that it was Sekhar Reddy who was handling all the cash expenses during the 2016 assembly elections and he is going to be a major factor behind the fall of AIADMK.

Actor Anandraj a AIADMK loyalist said that the merger of two factions in the party is possible only if the present govt is dismissed. It also looks like things are moving in that direction. Sekhar Reddy was under the radar of IT dept even at the time of Jayalalithaa's treatment at Apollo hospital .

No sooner after the death of Jayalaithaa, Sekhar reddy was rounded up for questioning. His residences and establishments at Chennai , Vellore were raided simaltaneously . Suspecting a link between Reddy and the Chief Secretary, to everyone's shock, then the Chief Secretary Ramamohana rao was also raided and the IT dept went to the extent of searching his office at the Secretariat.

His son and their relatives were also searched. Reddy was subsequently arrested and he is still behind the bars.

These raids created fear among ministers who were closely associated with Sekhar reddy. But the IT dept did not go behind the ministers as expected. A political expert said , ''Sekhar reddy entered into the inner circle of Poes Garden (Jaya's residence) at the time when O Panneerselvam was the PWD minister in 2011.

It was during this period Sasikala was thrown out of Poes garden and the party by Jaya for a brief period. During this time Sekhar reddy strengthened his connections inside the party and the Govt. He got into Sasikala's good books and gained her confidence slowly when she was re admitted into the garden.

With his well knit connections, he was able to get many of the high value govt contracts in PWD. This went to the extent of the unaccounted cash of the garden being handled by his establishments. Finally when Jaya died, BJP started using Sekhar reddy as a tool to weaken the AIADMK.''

He elaborated further that " Jaya was able to win a consecutive term in 2016 for which Sekhar reddy played a very crucial role by taking responsibility for 60 constituencies. He was taking care of all election expenses and was spending lavishly thro Ministers,MLAs and District Secretaries.

The partymen were able to move the cash according to the strategy of Sekhar reddy. It is to be remembered here that a huge container with cash running into several crores of rupees was confiscated near Tiruppur before the elections and still many questions remain unanswered about this whole consignment.

Many senior ministers in Jaya;s cabinet were close to Reddy and it is even beleived that he was handling the assets of many ministers. When Reddy was arrested, everyone thought that IT dept will go after Edappadi Palanisamy who was PWD minister at that time. But coperative banks in salem where his

close aide Salem Elangovan was President were raided and it was found that illegal accounts were opened to siphon off 151 crores of rupees. But surprisingly no action has been taken against Elangovan. The central govt has not touched the present CM Palanisamy and he is also, it seems ready to sacrifice a couple of ministers.

The IT dept letter to the govt has to be seen in this context and we can expect some ministers to be dropped soon from the cabinet".

It is becoming clear that the BJP at the centre wants a state govt which will act according to its tunes . Let us wait and watch the game as the Presidential elections are round the corner.

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