10 Useful Habits to Reduce Fats!

10 Useful Habits to Reduce Fats!
10 Useful Habits to Reduce Fats!

Exercise will keep our body physically vibrant. Those who are aiming towards ‘I must lose weight’ can surely benefit from the habits of regular exercising. Excess intake of food will lead to excess calorie accumulation in the body. This in turn is converted and stored in the form of fats in the body thereby increasing body weight leading to obesity. We don’t consider doing physical activities adequately to burn those accumulated fat deposits in our body. There are simpler ways to burn those calories being deposited in our body every time when we eat and drink. They are as follows:


It is a practice that could burn much of the calories we imbibe. About 210-466 calories can be burnt in cycling continuously for 30 minutes. That means the fats accumulated can be reduced accordingly. Currently cycling has become a trend especially among the youngsters. Don’t stop cycling even it is an inclement weather, be it hot or cold. Cycling in the morning is apt during summer and in the evening during winter. You can change the time of cycling but not the cycling itself; keep cycling.


One may hesitate thinking ‘I love dancing but not at this age’. Aerobics is a right choice for them, indeed. It’s a combination of dancing and exercise. It combines other high energy spending exercises such as stretching, lifting, cardio work out and therefore it is not only good physically but mentally as well. About 210-444 calories can be burnt in dancing for half an hour and the benefits will be doubled if it is continued for an hour.


For some there won’t be fat deposits in the hands, hip or abdomen but in the thighs. Because of that reason they would have renounced dresses they like the most. Rowing is the best choice for them. By doing relevant exercises in gyms the mass accumulation in the legs can be reduced and brought to an expected shape especially slimming of thighs. Continuously rowing for 30 minutes will lead to burning of 311-377 calories.

Jump Rope (Skipping)

This is the same game that we played during our childhood that gets introduced to us in the name of exercise now. It’s an interesting practice and therefore suits to everyone. But if somebody is obese it is advised to consult with a physician or a fitness trainer before getting into skipping. Skipping rope is very cheap and therefore can be bought for rupees 100-150. It is suitable not only for body weight reduction but for strengthening heart function as well. It facilitates proper pumping of heart. Research findings reveal that skipping helps in reviving loss of appetite (anorexia) and also proper regulation of hormones.


It is one of the easiest exercises that anybody can do it. The only condition is that one should run slowly. At the beginning it is advised to run slowly and measuredly. It helps largely in muscle development and at the same time keeps body weight under control. It is adequate to jog five days a week, that too, not continuously but with a small brake in between 10-15 minutes of jogging. About 400 calories can be burnt in 30 minutes of jogging.


This exercise cannot be done continuously like any other exercises. But at least it can be done once in a month. There are ‘Rock climbing’ sets available in some gyms that can be tried out. This exercise strengthens the muscles and it is a workout for the whole body. Body will gain strength from neck to foot. Those who cannot do climbing are advised to go for trekking every month or quarterly. That will enhance our mood as well. It is ok to climb a nearby hillock as well. It will improve one’s body and mind attributes.


You need a pool to swim. It provides enormous benefit to our body, ten percent more than the land exercises. Muscles improve, fats burn rapidly and it enhances metabolic activities within. One does not sweat by swimming and it is the best among all cardio workouts, doctors opine. Within half an hour 180-266 calories can be lost and breast stroke brings in more benefits.

Having Miracle Drink

Along with these exercises fats can also be reduced through health drinks. It is sure to have the body fats dissolved if one takes ‘fat melting drinks’ continuously for two months.

Cucumber and lemon have low calories and they contain more anti-oxidants. Drinks made of these could help reduce weight considerably. Addition of ginger and aloe vera will also enhance metabolic activities in our body.

How to prepare the miracle drink?

Cucumber - 1

Lemon - 1

Mint leaves - 4

Ginger - 1 teaspoon

Aloe pieces - 3

Water - Half a glass

Mix all the above, grind them together and drink the juice, before going to bed, every night. Spare about twenty minutes before going to bed. Continue drinking it for two months and you will gain a well built physique.

Weight Loss Drinks

Wherever, whenever, whatever you wish to eat ask yourself whether the food I take is healthy or not and decide accordingly.

There is no need to moderate your food but it is better to ensure taking adequate food. Also it is not good to have food just because of boredom and without appetite.

Practice eating in smaller plates avoiding larger ones. This will help limiting the quantity of food. You may positively reinforce by thinking ‘I take healthy food and I’m full now’. This will help bring the quantity as needed.

It is said that while eating, keeping a blue cloth or kerchief will reduce appetite considerably while orange and yellow will increase it.

Nutritious Foods in Large Containers

Nutritious liquid food items and juices, such as porridge made of millets, and ragi, nutritive mix, unfermented palm juice, fruit mix, avocado-banana mix can be taken daily. This satiates appetite in lesser quantities and at the same time not adding more calories to it. It is always recommended to chew the food longer before swallowing it. This helps to feel full with lesser amount of food thereby reducing calorie intake.

What we are is what we eat and healthy choice of food leads to healthy living.

(This article written in Tamil by Preethi for has been reproduced in English by Amalan Stanley)