The Natural Foods that Guarantee one’s Youth

The Natural Foods that Guarantee one’s Youth
The Natural Foods that Guarantee one’s Youth

Youth and beauty always go hand in hand. Those who particularly care for maintaining their youth do feel that age can never stand in their way. This is what is popularly indicated in one Tamil film dialogue.

One of the famous 18 siddhars, by name, Therair, has crisply mentioned in his song as to how to maintain the state of youth for long and increase one’s longevity. In his song, he gives the following tips:-

Take milk and milk-based food

Take oil bath

There are a plethora of tips to remain youthful for long. Some of the personal habits of some film stars are interesting to note. One star says that she takes lot of fruit juice which keeps her skin soft and smooth. Another star admits that she smears the substance made out of the mixture of warm water, lime juice and honey all over her body for this purpose. Yet another star claims that she uses the mixture of green dhal powder, curd and milk as skin moisturiser to nurture the skin glow.

On the other hand, it is an undeniable fact that certain good food habits and personal discipline are only responsible for the menfolk who remain so young even at their age of 50 or 60 as the case may be.

Personal discipline is as important as personal hygiene. Moreover, if we want to achieve something to our credit and favour, we must necessarily follow certain rigorous rules without any deviation. Like that, if we want to keep our body always slim and trim, we must adopt a few good food habits on a daily basis. For instance, instead of coffee or tea (leave alone bed coffee!), we must take lime juice with honey in warm water. This will facilitate easy digestion, activate liver function and also eliminate unwanted free radicals from our body. Above all, we can get rid of constipation.

There are a few most useful home remedies for both internal consumption and external application. Amla fruit, rich in vitamin-C, protein, fat, calcium, iron and other minerals like magnesium, potassium, copper, phosphorous etc. will increase our immunity and reduce high level of cholesterol in blood. Obese people can drink this amla juice mixed with ginger water in empty stomach. Ginger soaked in honey can also be taken raw for easy digestion. Honey can externally also be applied in our face as well as around the eyes in order to prevent rings around our eyes and wrinkles in our face.

The above apart, if we take white pumpkin juice, grapes juice, bottle guard juice and pine apple juice daily, it will substantially control obesity. Particularly, if we drink white pumpkin and bottle guard juice daily, they will reduce body heat and heal peptic ulcer also. Pineapple contains lot of fibre and less of cholesterol. This takes care of acidity, indigestion and also helps in reducing the belly size.

Further, papaya fruit can be had along with our breakfast or as mid-day intake. If this is taken continuously for four weeks, it will certainly reduce 19.2% of fat content in the body. It will facilitate easy bowel movements and take care of the skin glow. If one gets facial massage with papaya fruit and then wash the face in lukewarm water, the face will look brighter. Guava fruit is equally useful for facial appearance. It is anti-aging as well as skin-protective against dryness. However, it is better to avoid eating guava in the night.

Similarly, sapota fruit is also an anti-aging agent. It helps one from head to foot. Particularly, one will get a good and peaceful sleep if he takes sapota regularly. While this will make the skin soft, it will also prevent cardiovascular disease.

Orange is one of the most useful fruits. It will increase our immune system and will rejuvenate the cells. This is also an anti-aging agent and one can take the juice as well as the fruit as it is. It will help one to avoid constipation and have good sleep. Orange juice can be taken along with honey also.

Aloevera, otherwise called ‘kumari’ by the siddhars, is considered to be a real boon for the women. If taken in empty stomach daily, it will guarantee youthfulness with perennial moisture of the skin without any kind of dryness. Apart from this, women who have menstruation problem with improper cycle and excessive menstrual bleeding can take this fruit continuously for 48 days for complete protection from these sickening issues. Lime juice and Bermuda grass (arugampul juice) are also capable of protecting and promoting youthfulness.

In addition to the above, it is better to include apple, pomegranate, carrot, custard apple, mangose, strawberry, cardamom, cucumber seeds, pumpkin seeds, red grapes, coriander leaves and curry leaves, beans, drumstick tree leaves and fibrous food etc. regularly.

Food intake apart, certain habitual exercises would also help us in terms of physical fitness. Instead of using bikes, it is ideal to use cycle. We can go for swimming, yoga, brisk walking, jogging and normal breathing exercise also. At the same time, it would be better to keep away from drinking, smoking and other addictive habits.

In the night, we can drink triphala churna powder made of kadukkai, amalaki, thandrikai in hot water. Else, we can preserve the triphala churna powder in a mud pot and drink it in the morning for the benefit of easy bowel movement and it will help us avoid grey hair.

When nature nurtures us naturally, why should we go for unnatural things?

(This article written by Maria Belsin is reproduced in English by P S Ramamurthy)