Mulberry and its Arresting Taste and Amazing Medicinal Uses

Mulberry and its Arresting Taste and Amazing Medicinal Uses
Mulberry and its Arresting Taste and Amazing Medicinal Uses

Mulberry and its Arresting Taste and Amazing Medicinal Uses

Mulberry is a ubiquitous fruit in villages but less known in terms of its actual benefits. Rural children pluck these fruits and eat them without any knowledge because it tastes good but whereas elders tend to ignore them out of sheer ignorance.


Mulberry fruits will look like blackberry fruits and will taste like normal grapes. This is richly grown in Asia,Africa and America where the climate is rather moderate and warm. It comes in various colours such as red, black, dark blue and its leaves are used for silk worm rearing. Additionally, the leaves of this fruit have lot of medicinal uses.



Mulberries possess good amount of nutrients, proteins, iron, fibre, calcium, vitamin A, C, E and K, Thiamine, Niacin, Beta Carotene etc. Precisely, 100 gms.mulberry contain 43 % calories, 44% Vitamin C and 14% iron which are of highly valuable proportions.

Guarantee for Good Health:-

The list is exhaustive as under:-

Resveratrol which is an anti-oxidant is largely present in mulberry

This component is mainly useful for heart protection which is why it is widely made use of in China

It will not only prevent malignant tumours but also cure the same, if present

It will increase blood circulation

It will reduce high blood pressure

It will also control sugar level in blood

It will curb blood tumour, paralysis, anaemia and heart ailments

It will improve kidney function and cleanse the liver

The Vitamin C and the Flavanoids present in the mulberry are capable of reducing the fever, cold and cough

It will cure the wounds and tumours that may be caused by surgical procedure

It will reduce bad cholesterol and strengthen the nervous system

It will facilitate easy digestion and enhance immunity

Eye irritation can be cured and also clarity in vision will be vastly improved if one consumes it regularly

Mulberry & Skin:-

Mulberry will enable proper melanin secretion and make the skin soft and radiant

It is an anti-aging agent and will help one look always young and energetic

Mulberry and Hair:-

It will help healthy and uniform hair growth

It will enable cancer patients who have had chemotherapy to have their hair re-grown from the roots

This fruit is a very useful one as a substitute for hair growth treatment

Premature greying of hair can certainly be prevented and the hair will have natural colour for ever

Selection of Mulberry Fruits:-

Only the mature and ripe ones should be harvested. The pale ones should be avoided. If it is stored in air-tight condition, it can be preserved up to three days.


Mulberry fruits can be used for making different sweets, payasam, fruit salad, fruit juice, jam, jelly, biscuits, varieties of cake and ice creams. In short, mulberry fruits will give us huge benefits worth several thousands of rupees


(This article written in Tamil by Sangeetha has been reproduced in English by P S Ramamurthy)

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