Fear of losing job by 67.3% IT employees! #VikatanSurveyResults

Fear of losing job by 67.3% IT employees! #VikatanSurveyResults
Fear of losing job by 67.3% IT employees! #VikatanSurveyResults

Fear of losing job by 67.3% IT employees! #VikatanSurveyResults

Recently, there is shocking news that the seven major IT companies operating in India are going to sack 56,000 employees by this year. It has created serious anxiety among the IT employees. Those who were celebrated as the ‘pillars of the company’ and others who were awarded as best talents of the company till last month are asked to put their papers mentioning that their ‘performance is not satisfactory’. There are complaints that those who refuse to put the papers are threatened that they would be blacklisted and consequently spoiled of their future.

In this situation, Vikatan has conducted a survey to learn about the state of mind of those IT employees worried about the imminent loss of job. It is a common perception that the IT employees enjoy high salaries, usually in lakhs, and privileged to have week end parties, abroad travel, etc. However, the survey results disproved those common perceptions.

Among those who participated in the survey and registered their experience, 31.8% have been working for more than ten years in the IT field, 30.1% working from 5 to 7 years, 22.6% working from 2 to 5 years and 15.5% working for two years. Since there is 61.9% IT employees who have put more than five years of experience in this field participated in the survey, their voices can be considered as the entire IT employees’ concerns.

How many years you have been working in the IT field?

Among those who participated in the survey 30% have been working in the same company for more than 6 years, 16% working in the same company for 5 years, 31% working for 2 - 4 years and 23% for two years in the same company.

How many years you have been working (or worked) for the same company?

Among the participants, 8% own a car, 25% own a house, 20% have both and 47% own neither a house nor a car. This totally disproves the common notion that all IT employees enjoy own car and house. Further, one does not know how much difficulty those who own them would be facing to pay the EMI that too for the prolonged years.

Do you own a house and car?

(Blue - Have a Car / Red - Have a House / Orange - Have Both / Green - Both; No)

About 46% revealed that they undergo severe stress in relation to their job, 38% occasionally put into much stress and only 16% revealed that they do not undergo any job related stress.

Do you feel you undergo job related stress?
(Blue - Surely Yes / Red - Not at all / Orange - Occasionally) 


About 14.2% of the participants received 50-100% increase in salary in the past five years, 20.6% got 25-50% hike, 24% got 10-20% increase and 41.2% received 5-10% increase. It can be concluded that on an average, IT companies retain employees mostly with only 5-10% increment that too in a period of five years.

In the past five years how much your salary has increased?

Among the total participants about 53.1% feel the job insecurity frequently whereas 34.7% feel the threat occasionally and the remaining 12.2% informed that they did not have any fear of job insecurity.

How often do you feel job insecurity?

 (Blue - Often / Red - Occasionally / Orange - Not at all)

For the question of whether they feel well settled in life, 17.1% revealed that they are settled to some extent, whereas only 2.4% revealed that they are well settled. The shocking news is that about 80.5% of them said ‘not at all’.

Do you feel well settled in life?

n regard to H1B visa, 46% of them felt that the actions of the American President Trump is confusing whereas 29.5% felt that it is a wrong decision and 24.5% revealed that it is a fair decision.

 American President Trump’s decision on H1B visa
(Blue - Fair / Red - Wrong / Orange - Confusing)

About 74% of the participants felt that there is a need for workers’ union whereas 10.2% felt that it is not needed and 15.6% did not share any views about it.

Is Workers’ Union needed for IT employees?

For the question of whether their family is dependent only on their salary, 78.5% replied yes and 21.5% replied no to it.

For the direct question of whether they are afraid of losing their job, 14.9% replied no and 17.8% felt the situation is very confusing. About 67.3% strongly said that they are afraid of losing their jobs. This obviously reflects the current woeful plight of the IT employees.

Are you afraid of losing your job?

The IT employees who have already been suffering from heavy work load, social disconnect, lonesome life styles are further exasperated beyond endurance because of the manpower reduction. This is the worrisome revelation of the survey on the present status of the IT employees.

(This article originally written by V.Neelakandan has been reproduced in English by V Amalan Stanley)

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