What are the benefits of taking an egg a day?

What are the benefits of taking an egg a day?
What are the benefits of taking an egg a day?

Irrespective of age, gender and status of people, many of them skip their breakfast on one ground or the other. When both husband and wife are employed, one can understand how difficult, if not impossible, for the housewife to prepare breakfast also along with lunch and packing of lunch for self, husband and the kids. Even if the breakfast is made ready, it is neglected for one reason or the other. On the other hand, doctors and health experts insist on not only taking timely breakfast but also nutritious one every day without fail. It is recommended that an egg a day would suffice in terms of nutrition and all other ingredients of goodness that are required for fitness. Let us see the benefits of egg in this foregoing essay:-

Distinct Benefits:-
Not to exaggerate, even at global level, egg is universally considered to be a staple diet for human consumption for many centuries.  Many people do love to take egg in different forms.
 a)    Protein:- One egg assures to give 6 gms of protein to our body
 b)    Vitamin D:- Vitamin D is largely present in the yolk. This contains antioxidant elements that give strength to our teeth and bones
 c)    Prevention of cataract and other related eye diseases:- Egg prevents eye diseases like cataract by means of the elements such as Lutein and Chiankin that are present in an egg.

d)  It will help in reducing excess weight of the body

Heart Disease & The American Heart Association:- 
Contrary to the above benefits, The American Heart Association earlier declared that egg was no good and rather the fat content in the yolk would create heart problems. However, the subsequent research results  invalidated the above possibility. It was also proved that the blood level of a person who took 6 eggs a week was also the same as that of any other person. It further clarified that our body requires 300 mg.fat every day and an egg would offer nearly 62%. On the other hand, if we talk about adverse effect on our body, it is only the bad fat element that should be considered whereas the egg contains only good fat component and hence there is no harm at all from the consumption of egg.

How Many Eggs One Can Eat a Day?
It depends upon one’s constitution. Where a person does a lot of physical exertion or exercise, he can take six white eggs and two yolks per day in order to strengthen his muscles. Where a person does not involve that much of physical exertion he can take an egg a day. 

Diabetic patients must avoid taking eggs, for it will result in cardio related ailments.
The ideal combination of egg with…………….,
·    Egg plus whole wheat bread including vegetables would be the most ideal combination
·    Taste-wise, egg with meat, cheese and white bread would be delicious However, when it is taken with saturated fat content, it would not be good for health
·    Egg White itself is a healthy intake.
·    Otherwise, we can remove the yolk from the egg and prepare omelette  or boiled egg, if desired
·    For a healthy heart, protein is also equally important which can be obtained from consumption of egg

Conclusion in a nutshell:-
An egg a day is definitely a healthy diet. Together with this, if we do certain physical exercises, we can be hale, healthy and happy.

(This article written in Tamil by Sangeetha has been reproduced in English by P S Ramamurthy)

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