Benefits of drinking hot water

Benefits of drinking hot water
Benefits of drinking hot water

Benefits of drinking hot water

Even though it appears to be ironical to note that it is harmful to take cold water to quench our thirst during hot weather, it is rather true and a fact. Many people do drink fridge water whether it is day or night as they love to do so thinking that their thirst is instantaneously satisfied. It has become a fashion too! Children and youngsters including the habitual people would rush to cold water only instead of hot water. But in reality, it is highly harmful to take cold water and it will never satisfy one’s thirst at all practically.

Siddha medical practitioner Ramesh highlights the fact as to how the hot water acts as a panacea for various ailments as under:-
The renowned siddhar Therayir, in his book, ‘Pini Anugha Vidhi’, states very clearly the most fundamental rules that we must a) boil water; b) add water to buttermilk and c) melt the ghee before consuming them. Besides this, there are numerous verses that highlight the importance of hot water. 

Similarly, in another verse,  ‘Padhartha Guna Chintamani, the following benefits of taking hot water,  have been mentioned:-

* Removes heartburn, sour belch

* Helps in easy digestion

* Removes any kind of a headache with warm water 

* Cures against fever caused by seasonable changes

* Takes care of gastric complaints

* Removes infection from the body

Other Benefits of Drinking Hot Water:-

* Constipation is cured

* Will reduce excess body weight

* Facilitates easy digestion
* Cold, cough and throat sore are treated and cured

* Increases blood circulation

* Purifies nervous system

* Stomach ache caused to women during menstruation is also addressed

* It is an anti-aging agent

* Safeguards skin against infections

* Detoxifies the body system

* Improves hair growth

* Fights against dandruff from hair

* Protects natural vitality of hair

In addition to the above, the same hot water gives different benefits based on the container from which we drink. According to Siddha medical practice, if we drink hot water from golden vessel, it will cure rheumatism, tastelessness, body heat and high temperature; if we take from silver vessel, the haemoglobin content in the blood will increase; if we take from steel vessel, it will cure anaemia, strengthen the nerve system and keep the body temperature stable.  The boiled and then cooled water will remove hiccup, acidity, earache, vomiting, giddiness, body temperature, stomach ulcer etc. For instance, if we boil 1 lt.water until it becomes 1/4th, it will cure body heat. If it is heated until it becomes ½, it will take care of rheumatism and acidity. If we take the boiled water the next day, it will cure rheumatic pain, gastric disorder, phlegm etc. 

If we drink the hot water which is boiled until it becomes 1/3rd it will reduce body heat; high temperature, dysentery, pain, gastric problem, and phlegm will also be cured. Similarly, if we take hot water which is boiled until 1 lt.water becomes 1/8th, and that too, from a silver vessel, it will reduce body heat, excessive thirst, ulcer, crack in the feet etc. Further, if we drink hot water before we take our food, it will help us become slim; if we take hot water during the course of our meal, it will control our hunger and if we take the same after our food, it will ensure proper and smooth digestion.

Is it not incredible to believe that hot water contains such innumerable properties to make us ultimately cool.
(This article originally written in Tamil by G Lakshmanan has been reproduced in English by P S Ramamurthy)

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