Five Fruits that would reduce excess belly and prevent heart disease

Five Fruits that would reduce excess belly and prevent heart disease
Five Fruits that would reduce excess belly and prevent heart disease

Five Fruits that would reduce excess belly and prevent heart disease

While there are several fruits in nature that would help mankind, the five fruits, in particular, such as Guava, Papaya, Pineapple, Pomegranate, and Banana are capable of helping us against innumerable diseases and sufferings starting from constipation to cardiac problems. These five fruits are instrumental in preventing, curing and relieving people of many health hazards in life. Let us have an analytical insight into these five fruits as under:-


Commonly available at comparatively cheaper price  
Vitamin C is rich in this fruit and it gives energy and strength to the bones of growing children
Those who have constipation can eat guava daily  with or without a teaspoon of honey
People faced with the problems of skin disorder and anemia  can take guava as it contains Vitamin B, Calcium, Phosphorous and iron properties which will take care of the skin dryness and make them look young  


Available throughout the year
Contains Vitamin A in plenty and hence is capable of curing dental problem as well as stones in the kidneys
Strengthens the nervous system
Enhances vitality and potency of men
Increases blood circulation
Improves memory power
Particularly, helpful to women in setting right their menstrual cycle-related problems
The element of carotene available in papaya prevents lung cancer, throat, liver and uterus cancer
Un-ripened papaya will reduce sugar level in urine. 250 gms of unripened papaya should ideally be taken daily to better digestive process and cure stomach ache and constipation


Pineapple consists of Vitamin B which gives enormous energy to one’s health and increases hemoglobin content in blood
White discharge problem faced by women will be cured
Pineapple contains Potassium, Calcium, Manganese, and minerals which will ensure steady growth of a human being at every stage
Since pineapple contains more of fiber content and less of fat content, it is capable of preventing heart attack 
Pineapple is a sure remedy for reducing excess weight and obesity  It involves a simple process which if we follow, it will certainly address of problem of obesity. 
We must cut pineapple into several small pieces. Water with 4 teaspoons of basil powder must be boiled and kept intact the whole night with the cut pineapple soaking in it.  The next day morning, we must filter the substance and the essence must be drunk on the empty stomach. If this process is followed strictly for ten days, there will a considerable reduction in the obesity level
Pepper rasam plus pineapple is also a good combination for an overall reduction of body weight.


There are many varieties of pomegranate
In general, the pomegranate will give strength and energy to our brain
Sour pomegranate will provide great relief for those who have stomach-related obstruction and other problems
It is good to cure against dysentery with blood 
It will regularize urination and heal the ulcer in the liver
Nausea during pregnancy will be arrested by the pomegranate juice
Anemia will also be addressed
The pomegranate juice with candy will act as an energizer
Above all, if a hole is made into pomegranate and 15 ml.badam oil is poured inside it and then if heated within a vessel, the oil and the pomegranate fruit will be fully mixed. After this process, if the pomegranate is consumed, it will stop the chest pain immediately.


This is a poor man’s main diet
It is acid-resistant
Burning sensation in throat can be cured
Irrespective of one’s body constitution – whether obese or slim, one can take banana without any hesitation
Chain smokers can take a banana a day in order to weed out the habit of smoking
The B 6 and B 12 components present in the banana will help the smokers to get rid of the nicotine content in their body. In this process, they will be able to stay away from smoking

Some people may find it very difficult to get up from bed in the morning and become brisk. If a banana is taken after every meal, it will increase the level of glucose in the blood thereby getting relief from the unending morning slumber

What is unique is that all the above-mentioned five fruits such as Guava, Papaya, Pineapple, Pomegranate, and Banana are simple, common and affordable for all sections of people in the society. If people consciously eat these fruits, hardly would they approach any doctor as patients.
(This article written by Maria Belsin in Tamil has been reproduced in English by P S Ramamurthy)

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