Strengthening of internal organs, from brain to intestine!

Strengthening of internal organs, from brain to intestine!
Strengthening of internal organs, from brain to intestine!

Strengthening of internal organs, from brain to intestine!

Lack of time is one of the major challenges that we face today in this race world. This has a direct implication on the quality of our life. It’s a pity that most of us suffer from some kind of ill health, not able to care for ourselves and therefore the number of healthy individuals is decimating day by day. But there are many simple household health practices that require very less time to follow and they serve as a protective shield to our health. Learning those short but healthy practices will help us prevent from diseases. In general, infection and/or accumulation of toxins in our body fluids, especially with blood, is a major cause of ill health. Therefore, prevention of disease is possible if we could take healthy measures that assure us better health in our daily life. Let us learn about the means of strengthening our body, especially the internal organs, using natural products that we commonly use in our day to day life.


Curry leaf thogayal (kind of paste), if continuously consumed for 48 days will facilitate brain function and make us brisk and active.
Lotus flower boiled in water and consumed one cup three times a day for three consecutive days will enhance brain activity. It can be continued for 48 days as well.
At least twice in a year, henna (mehndi) can be applied on our palms. It cures psychological problems and also provides rest to the brain by virtue of its cooling effect.
Vallarai (Centella) leaves, fried with ghee can be added to hot rice and consumed two handfuls every day. It promotes brain function.
Daily chewing two pieces of coconut kernel will help in preventing brain stores. 
Anxiety can be mellowed down by drinking juice of Ilandhai (Zyzyphus or Jujube) mixed with palm jaggery. It strengthens the neurons as well.
Neurons of the brain will be rejuvenated and memory enhanced if chin mudra is practiced every day for twenty minutes. Chin mudra is a posture holding thumb and index fingers together lightly, extending the remaining three fingers freely, with folded legs.


Milk added with Kungumapoo (saffron) is good for eyesight.
Daily consumption of 50 g of mango or papaya will improve vision.
Araikeerai (Amaranthus) consumed weekly twice will have a cooling effect on the eyes. Similarly, consumption of Ponnanganni keerai (Alternanthera sp) or Murungai keerai (Moringa, drumstick) will also improve eyesight.
Any form of the food item with Bhindi (Ladies finger, okra), such as Vendakkai morekuzhambu (bhindi buttermilk stew), Bhindi curry or fry will be good for eyes. 
Eye related problems can be cured if Nellikkai (Emblica, Indian gooseberry, amla) juice is consumed daily.
Daily consumption of five almond nuts will also help eyesight.


Powdered mango leaves used as tooth powder will strengthen the teeth.
Kovai pazham (Tindora, Indian Ivy-gourd) will help avoid dental problems. The unripe vegetable can also be taken as food. 
Daily consumption of red banana before bedtime will prevent from dental caries and bleeding of gums.
The food we eat should be chewed properly so as to enable our teeth to stand stronger. Carrot, sugarcane, apple should be chewed at least for ten times before swallowing.


Regular intake of Seppangkizhangu (Taro root, colocasia) in our food will strengthen nerves.
Two figs can be consumed every day for nervous strength.
Similarly, pomegranate juice added with honey can be consumed for 48 days.
Ilandhai (Zyzyphus or Jujube) fruits can be consumed frequently. 
Karisalangkanni keerai (Eclipta sp) can be consumed regularly.


Drinking beetroot juice, weekly twice, will facilitate generation of blood cells.
Drinking a glass of grape juice or a spoonful of ginger extract mixed with honey will purify the blood.
A cup of curd every day will clear blocks in the blood vessels. 
Frequent intake of Vilampazham (Wood apple) will kill germs in the blood.
Boil two liters of water and keep it undisturbed for ten hours after adding cumin seeds. Drinking of it will purify the blood.
Seasonal fruits such as Naval pazham (Jamun, Syzygium) and Ilandhai pazham (Zyzyphus or Jujube) can be consumed based on their availability.


Drinking tea made of Aavaram Poo (Cassia sp) turns the skin glow. Sweet orange is also good for skin. 
Juice of cabbage leaves will remove shrinks of the skin. 
Acne can be removed by applying sandalwood paste mixed with lemon juice. It will make the skin glow.
In order to gain better health and make the face and skin glow, drink Arugampul (Bermuda grass, Cynodon) extract mixed with jaggery, thrice a week.
To prevent the skin from any diseases or infection, apply the body with a paste of cucumber, turmeric and neem flower and take bath. It will make the skin shine.

Lungs – Heart

Daily intake of Nellikai (Amla, Indian Gooseberry) soaked in honey will strengthen heart and lungs.
Karisalangkanni keerai (Eclipta sp) consumed daily will also help in strengthening heart and lungs.
Organic rose, palm sugar granules, honey mixed as a paste and taken in daily will strengthen the heart.
Ginger candy, ginger juice, and ginger paste will facilitate proper functioning of the heart.
Powdered Musukkai (Mukia sp) leaves consumed twice in a month will prevent us from lung cancer.
Lungs will remain healthy if Sundakkai vatral (Solanum dry seed) is consumed regularly.
Grape juice and dry grapes will make the heart stronger.
Half a cup of Radish extract consumed for three consecutive weeks will prevent the lungs from any kind of diseases. 
Flax seeds, almond, and walnut contain omega 3 fatty acids that promote better heart function.


To cleanse stomach consume a teaspoonful of fenugreek along with curd, early in the morning, empty stomach.
Tea made of Pomegranate flower will relieve us from stomach related illness.
Konrai flower (Cassia sp., Golden shower) extract and Pudhina (Mint leaves, Mentha) are the best herbal alternatives to relieve us from stomach ache.
Fried and powdered cumin seeds mixed with buttermilk are also good for the stomach.
Weekly once consume, a glass of coconut milk along with palm jaggery so that any stomach ailment is cured.
Bottle gourd can be used along with food weekly twice to reduce paunchy abdomen.
Banana flowers and Manathathakkali (Solanum sp) leaves can be consumed once a week will relieve us from stomach ailments.  
Rasam (soup) using horse gram will reduce body fat and also paunchy abdomen.


Bitter gourd, Avarai pinju (Tender bean) and Naval pazham (fruits of Syzygium sp) consumed periodically will help spleen function normally.
Daily chewing of Aavaram Poo (flower of Cassia sp) is good for the stomach.
Konrai flower (Cassia sp., Golden shower) extract mixed with buttermilk will help spleen function properly.
Kovai pazham (Fruit of Indian ivy gourd) can be consumed often.


Tea made of Seendhil Kodi (Tinospora sp) is good for lungs.
Karisalangkanni keerai (Eclipta sp) can be consumed as a green salad. Keezhanelli of a bean size consumed consecutively for five days in a month, empty stomach, is also good for the liver.
Neem flower rasam (soup) twice a month is also good.
Vilva (Bael fruit, Aegle sp) fruit pulp mixed with country sugar is also useful.
Grape juice is also helpful in keeping the liver healthy.

Agathi keerai (August tree, Hummingbird tree, Sesbania sp) cleanses large intestine and therefore good to consume it weekly once.
Weekly thrice, papaya fruits can be consumed.
Mulai keerai (Amaranthus sp., Chineses spinach) can be useful if taken regularly.
Naarthangai (Citron, Bitter orange) pickle can be consumed moderately which will facilitate proper digestion.
After six o clock, mangoes can be consumed regularly during its season.
Pomegranate flower juice 15 ml, mixed with palm sugar granules, thrice daily is also useful.


Extract of Kandangkathiri (Solanum sp) leaves mixed with coconut oil can be applied on the cracks of the feet.
An equal portion of castor oil and coconut oil mixed and applied on the foot helps to soften of feet.
Slightly warmed neem oil can be applied in between the toes to heal foot sores or toe web infections.
Burning sensation in the limbs and legs can be cured by consuming banana flowers cooked with Bengal gram. 
Regular stretching of the toes, every day for five minutes will facilitate better blood circulation and also relieves pain in the feet and toes.

(This article written in Tamil by Preethi has been reproduced in English by V Amalan Stanley)

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