8 Foods that should not be reheated!

8 Foods that should not be reheated!
8 Foods that should not be reheated!

In this modern and fast paced world life sophisticated kitchen gadgets such as refrigerators and microwave ovens are inevitable. The result is that instead of cooking and eating what is required, we cook food items in excess and store them inside the refrigerators for later use. And it has become usual that the cold stored food items are reheated using microwaves oven or stoves whenever needed. The reason is that of a wrong notion that food items should always be served hot and it is a healthy habit to heat the food items before being consumed. Doctors caution that the food items lose essential nutrients by way of reheating them and that itself will turn out to be the cause of ill effects. Further, the practice of heating will cause food poisoning and also will lead to cardiac diseases and cancer, in the long run, leading to untimely death. Let us learn and exercise caution to avoid reheating of eight food items, as given below.

Food items not to be reheated 


Chicken contains high levels of protein. In general, protein rich food items need longer time for digestion. When heated, the protein levels in the chicken will increase. The same food if reheated might lead to food poisoning. Hence it should never be reheated. If a fried chicken to be consumed hot it is better to make it as a sandwich and then be consumed rather than reheating it.

Spinach or leafy vegetables

The leaves are rich in iron and nitrate content. When nitrates are heated up they convert into nitrites, which have a threat of carcinogenic potential. When they are reheated they might cause indigestion and there is a chance of having intestinal cancers. Therefore avoid reheating of leafy vegetables.


As we know, eggs are rich in protein. Reheating of already boiled or fried egg will turn its content to be toxic. It will lead to indigestion and other digestive complications. Hence cooked eggs should never be reheated.


Cooked mushrooms should be consumed immediately, avoiding storing them for longer use. Mushrooms contain high levels of protein. Reheating them will lead to indigestion and also turning its content toxic, causing gastrointestinal problems.


It is a staple food that we consume in more quantities. When it is heated again it will cause food poisoning as it is converted to be toxic.


Many have the habit of cooking potatoes in large quantities, refrigerating them and use them whenever required. Cooked potatoes on refrigeration could harbor bacterial colony, therefore imparting toxins leading to nausea, vomiting and ill health.

Cooking oil

Whatever the kind of oil we use, it should never be reused or reheated. Reheating will cause the oil to increase its density, converting its content into carcinogenic, therefore causing cancer and cardiac diseases


The tuber contains high levels of nitrates as spinach and other leafy vegetables. Therefore reheating will lead to health implications.

(This article written in Tamil by G Lakshmanan has been reproduced in English by V Amalan Stanley)