8 Simple ways towards keeping our body stronger and more beautiful

8 Simple ways towards keeping our body stronger and more beautiful
8 Simple ways towards keeping our body stronger and more beautiful

8 Simple ways towards keeping our body stronger and more beautiful

As far as girls are concerned, in general, they are beautiful by nature. Each one is unique in terms of how one looks like. This should be deeply ingrained in one’s mind and one’s self esteem should always be kept high, at any cost. But one should also be able to appreciate the difference between being beautiful and living healthy. Therefore, it is better to give first priority to health rather than beauty. Let us consider the measures towards gaining a healthy body and vibrant mind.

Sleep is essential

For a healthy living, at least eight hours sleep is essential daily. For women, it should be compulsorily 8-10 hours sleep per day. Loss of sleep last night will reflect on our face and eyes, looking dull and exhausted. It would affect the next day work as we are unable to concentrate on our objectives. For the healthiest living one of the primary factors is adequate sleep. Avoid compromising your sleeping time for any other work, be it household or official, and if it is unavoidable, try to bring down the workload so as not to lose your sleep time, essential for your basic physiological functions of the body.

Avoid tanning

Most of us do not try to protect our skin by using sun screen creams or cover the face with a piece of cloth or stole while going out under the hot sun. Direct sun will burn the top layers of our skin leading to darkening or tanning due to sun rays. Further, medical research reveals that prolonged exposure to sun rays could lead to certain types of skin cancers, due to UV radiation affecting the epidermis of our skin, causing carcinomas or melanomas. Therefore, always protect your skin from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Workouts are useful

Physical exercise or yoga is not meant only for reducing body weight. They are useful to keep our body fit and healthy. Any kind of regular physical exercise or yoga on a daily basis is highly useful to keep the body brisk and lively.

Be healthy

There is a difference between keeping one’s body thin and keeping it physically healthy. Being thin doesn’t mean one is healthy. Rather, keeping the body stronger and physically fit is most essential. It’s also applicable for those who are fat or obese. In the name of reducing one’s weight one should not spoil one’s health or damage it further.

Water is essential

For proper functioning of our body adequate water should be consumed daily. Human body contains about 70% of water. Therefore drink at least eight glasses of water or 2-3 liters of water daily. It enlivens our body and also prevents our body from dehydration.

Avoid instant diets

Most of us expect that within a short span of time we should reduce our body weight significantly through paleo, vegan and low-carb diets. It’s truly risky to try those instant means of reducing weight, adding burden to the existing health issue. These kinds of instant health diets could affect the normal physiological functioning of our body, leading to unhealthy way of thinning our body and at the same time flushing out essential nutrients from the body, thereby inviting more health complications and further ill health.

Breakfast is important

It is a common practice among most of the working women not having breakfast, keeping the stomach empty. The reasons could be lack of time, not having appetite or due to fatigue. In fact, it is a very dangerous habit as it could affect the normal metabolism of our body, leading to health complications in the long run. Therefore it is better not to avoid breakfast or instead of food one can have a fruit or fruit juice in the morning.

Do physical work

Working as well as household women tend to sleep long hours after completing daily chores at home. The body remains motionless because of tiredness and therefore the calories accumulated in the body would take more time to get burned due to inactive state of body for long hours, leading to increase in body weight. Therefore, it is recommended to take up frequent physical activity at home and take a frequent but shorter nap whenever one finds time to sleep.

By following the above recommendations it is really possible to keep our body physically fit and healthy.

(This article written by Gomathi has been reproduced in English by V Amalan Stanley)

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