The versatility of wheat is unlimited – to say the least!

The versatility of wheat is unlimited – to say the least!
The versatility of wheat is unlimited – to say the least!

The versatility of wheat is unlimited – to say the least! The importance of wheat is not confined to culinary arena only. It extends to the cosmetic field as well. The color of wheat is a benchmark for indicating a women's’ color. 

Wheat is widely used by Punjabis and the consumption of wheat in Punjab is maximum. The wheat’s inherent properties are amazing to note as under:-

Wheat is a real boon for the diabetic patients. In as much as diabetics is now widespread in India, the significance of wheat is supreme
Particularly, the samba wheat not only reduces the sugar level in our blood but also the fat and the triglyceride in our body. There is enormous content of fiber and protein in wheat

The roasted and powdered wheat can be taken with honey to cure a backache and joint pain. Wheat, ulundhu(black gram) and Kasturi turmeric can be powdered and mixed with hot water for external application to cure joint pain

Wheat is a wonderful natural remedy for obesity. Many people who have tried and failed in other medicines have now been coming to naturopathy in the sense that they have started using wheat in different forms. For example, wheat rava contains lot of fiber and protein and above all, less calories; so much so, it will cut down excess weight and at the same time it will give lot of energy and keep the blood sugar at bay

Wheat Rava porridge is extremely good for addressing indigestion, acidity, and belch.

Wheat flour-based food would strengthen one’s stamina, improves his vitality and potency. This can be mixed with butter and externally applied on the burn wounds over the skin

A nice porridge can also be prepared with wheat flour, salt, boiled milk and cardamom powder. This will be very useful for patients recovering from TB. Fat content will be reduced retaining the protein nutrition. In addition to this, the excessive blood loss during menstruation period will also be considerably reduced

One more external application is to use the wheat bran. Heated neem oil is to be smeared around the rib part and the roasted wheat bran packed in cloth must be applied in this part.  Fomentation can also be given for speedy recovery

Another process is to soak wheat the previous night and next morning it must be ground and mixed with water. What we will get is its potent milk which will also help one to get relieved of severe cold and phlem

Wheat can be again treated as the sprout and the essence from this sprout contains a great deal of vitamins E, A, C including magnesium. It will purify blood and detoxify the liver. Besides this, it will reduce blood pressure, prevent constipation, remove pimples and other warts from the skin. The essence of wheat sprout, if gargled, will help one to overcome throat sore, gum inflammation, puss formation etc.

Yet another outcome of wheat from a different process, i.e. 50 gms wheat grass should be collected, washed and ground with a mixture of 150 ml.water and added with little honey - will address even cancer and it is capable of ensuring that no additional cells become cancerous 
Last but not the least is wheat can be roasted and powdered as that of coffee powder and now wheat coffee is ready for drinking. This is a sure remedy for heart patients

Thus wheat helps humanity from head to foot beyond our imagination.
(This article written in Tamil by Maria Belsin has been reproduced in English by P S Ramamurthy).