Banana blossoms: Protects the uterus, increases life span, cures infertility

Banana blossoms: Protects the uterus, increases life span, cures infertility
Banana blossoms: Protects the uterus, increases life span, cures infertility

Banana blossoms: Protects the uterus, increases life span, cures infertility

Flowers are one of the important entities by nature. They remain a witness in a love affair, they please us through their fragrance, enhance the beauty of young girls and also facilitate the aesthetics of an ambiance and serve as one of the key ingredients during festivals and celebrations. Above all, they play a significant role in curing some of the diseases that we suffer from, saving our life. One such flower is from banana, commonly called as banana blossoms or banana heart, which could extend one’s life span by virtue of its medicinal properties in curing specific disease conditions. Let us find out its medicinal wonders.

The blossoms of banana are compared with the mother of a family. That is the preciosity of those flowers. As we know it, all parts of the banana plants prove useful to us, especially the flowers.

One of the Siddhars, Agathiyar composed a poem, describing the characteristic features of the banana flowers.

The flowers cure piles and related bleeding; bile related sickness, salivation, abdominal pain, respiratory infection, burning sensation of palms and foot and strengthens the body through its minerals and micronutrients.

Let’s read the benefits of it now!

At present, diabetes is one of the threatening metabolic disorders that the humanity has been suffering from. The flowers can be cut into small pieces, after having cleaned it thoroughly. Add a small variety of onion, garlic, pepper to it and make it as a poriyal. This will strengthen the pancreas and make it secrete insulin and therefore helps in controlling the glucose level in the blood.

Those who suffer from bleeding after excretion called as ‘bloody piles’, can have the flowers included in their meals, at least twice a week, so that they will be cured of piles problems and bleeding as well.

Because of summer heat or lack of adequate water intake, people may suffer from lower abdominal pain. Others may suffer from excessive heat in the body naturally. This condition can be cured if they take banana flowers kneaded with green gram, mixed with a little amount of ghee, twice in a week.

Similarly, various kinds of digestive problems are arising due to the fast food culture. People may suffer from loose motion and dysentery. They can take banana flowers added to water, along with cumin, pepper powder and finally boiled and filtered. The filtered water can be taken in lukewarm condition for some time so as to get cured of the abdominal pain due to indigestion.

The flowers can be termed as a blessing to women. It is good for the uterus. There will be excess bleeding during menses period. To stop the bleeding, one can take out half portion of the white part of the blossom. Crush it, take out the extract, mix it with a little amount of pepper and boil it. Add palm jaggery to it and drink it. Along with bleeding it will also cure stomach pain, weariness, and other gynecology related pains; finally, all the pains gradually disappear.

One other gynecology problem that women suffer from is white exudes. They get depressed because of this particular problem. Regularly taking rasam prepared with banana flowers will cure this condition. And also, it will cure a dry cough.

Those who suffer from burning sensation in the palms and legs can use the flowers by crushing it, frying along with Jutropha oil and have it fomented on the areas of burning sensation will relieve us from the suffering.

There are people who may suffer from infertility and eventual anxiety and stress. The flowers of banana are a blessing for them. They can use the flowers along with meals for a period of time so as to get relieved of infertility.

There is a proverb, ‘A life of continuum generation after generation like banana plant’ and it is indeed true to have a long span of healthy life through regular intake of the heart or the blossom of banana. And it’s a wonderful flower too!

(This article written in Tamil by Durai.Vembaiyaan has been reproduced in English by V Amalan Stanley)

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